Five Reasons to Include Moringa in Your Diet

Everyone is on a constant lookout for dietary changes that will make them feel healthy and fit. However, most of us are not ready to. And that’s understandable because a drastic change in the diet would mean a change in the lifestyle too and that might not last one.

Instead, if you start embracing minor changes to your diet and focus on boosting your health, you could see some significant changes within a short period. Today, we talk about one such minor change you could bring to your diet to boost health and well-being.

Moringa is a plant that’s been around since forever and has an important part of many cuisines. However, not everyone has a liking to it. But recent studies suggest that every part of this plant is so full of goodness that your body just cannot get enough of it! A few researchers even go on to call it the miracle tree. Popular by its common name, the drumstick tree has numerous health benefits. Read on to find out and know why you should include moringa or drumstick in your everyday diet. Drumsticks are rich in antiviral, antidepressant, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Reduces Cancer Risk

Research on cancer reducing plants and vegetables show that moringa plant has the properties that could reduce the risk of cancer. The plant is rich in niazimicin, which is a substance that is proven to reduce the development of cancer cells.

Research published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention in the year 2017 shows that cancer cell growth reduced significantly with moringa leaves. Another study on pancreatic cancer cells had the same effect, and the study also proved that moringa leaves could reduce the damage caused by chemotherapy. However, recent findings prove that it’s not just the leaves by the bark and roots that have cancer-fighting properties.

Boosts hair and skin health

Regular use of moringa immensely benefits the hair and skin health too. You could either apply a regular hair pack made from moringa leaves to your hair or go for the moringa seed oil. It protects your hair against the free radicals, keeps it clean, and healthy. Moringa is immensely beneficial to your skin too. Moringa is rich in proteins beneficial for skin repair, protecting skin cells, and reducing damage.

Besides that, it is also rich in detoxifying elements that boost the skin and hair health. You could use the moringa leave powder as a dry scrub on your skin regularly. However, regular consumption of the leaves and drumsticks will do ample good to your skin too.

Protects the stomach and liver

Moringa extracts are rich in healing properties, making it a great resource to repair your liver’s damage from anti-tubercular drugs. It not just reduces the damage, but also helps your liver heal faster. Besides that, moringa is also useful in treating numerous stomach problems like ulcerative colitis, gastritis, and constipation.

As the leaves are rich in antibiotic and antiviral properties, it prevents the growth of various pathogens in the stomach, while the Vitamin B in it boosts digestion. Besides that, it is also a rich source of calcium and fiber, which helps manage weight, keeps your metabolism healthy, and boosts digestive enzymes’ functions.

Controls Diabetes

Regular consumption of moringa is effective in keeping a tab on diabetes. That is because moringa improves blood sugar control in your body. A few research findings suggest moringa can significantly reduce the risk of type 2 dietetics. Another research suggests that moringa also boosts the hemoglobin level and the overall protein in a person’s body.

Improves Fertility

Moringa has been popular in Asian cultures as a herb that promotes fertility and treats male reproductive issues. Moringa seeds and leaves reduce the oxidative damage to the sperm cells and boost sperm motility. A study on lab rats and rabbits show that moringa extracts reduced the sperm cells’ damage from electromagnetic rays, excessive heat, and chemotherapy.However, there is no significant evidence that it has the same effect on humans too. Research is underway in the area of moringa’s ability to improve male fertility.

These are only a handful of benefits of the many wonders this magical plant has to offer. Make sure to include it in your everyday diet to have a healthy and happy life!