Five Sneaky Tips to Make Exercise a Part of Your Schedule and Life!

When it comes to exercise, we always try our best. But our schedules go all haywire thanks to major deterrents in the form of Netflix, work, laziness, and umpteen other excuses! And before you know it, we stop moving our body or a muscle and invariably stop doing the things that our body loves and rewards us for.

However, we know how you feel about bringing exercise back into your life, and you may be in the too-tedious-to-try mode for now. But you can do better, and we’ve got just the tips to rev up your exercise schedules and embrace fitness with a vengeance! Go ahead, break a sweat now!

Schedule and Make That a Priority

Exercise is non-negotiable, and you have to schedule your everyday routine in a way that it remains that way.  You can try these tips and tricks to make exercise as important as scheduling an important conference call.  If you can give your work priority, you can give the workout a similar priority. And when you prioritize it, you more likely to get it done! And what’s more, when you complete a workout, you feel on top of the world. You are much more likely to take on the world with an unmatched enthusiasm!

Put Your Workout Gear Right in Front of You

Keep your workout gear right before you so that you can spot it first thing in the morning. Also, stylish workout gear can motivate you to work out and stop you from hitting the snooze button! Keep your workout gear in your vicinity, your gym bag on the couch, and keep it as a visual reminder to get up and work out!

Creativity Works Great

What does exercise mean to you? Sweating it off at a gym near you for an hour or so, well, it’s time to change your perspective on exercise. Exercise doesn’t have to be a certain way only. You could switch things up and make it different each day if you had completed a grueling strength session the day before you can give your body a break. You can try something gentler, such as Yoga and Pilates. And if you want to skip that too, you can venture out from your home and schedule a walk amidst nature. You can also go take a bike ride, anything that gets your moving and the endorphins flowing!  You can also put on some great music and try housework or yard work for a change!

The Ten-Minute Rule That Always Works

Long boring sessions are so passe! Instead, aim for just 10 minutes of exercise, and you are more likely not to skip it. You’ll find inspiration all over the net for your short sessions of exercise, such as a seven-minutes HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) or a short and not-so-sweet Tabata workout that can have you sweating in a matter of few minutes.

Yup, it’s tough. But it gets the work done and in seven-ten minutes flat! The exercise that gives you the most bang for your buck! Also, don’t always look for inspiration from athletes. It may overwhelm you and stop you from committing to a daily exercise session. So quit the all or nothing feeling! If it is just something, you are good to go!   You’ll be doing something for your health, and your body will thank you for it!

Convert Wait Times to Turn Something More Productive

We spend most of our lives waiting for something to do, such as waiting in queues or traffic. But so how can you utilize this waiting period better? If you are behind the wheels, you can contract your core muscles and try to hold it for thirty seconds by doing a few targeted muscle movements. If you are watching your favorite sitcom do a few jumping jacks at breaks or do a few calf raises or sneak in a few tricep dips. It beats the boredom of doing regular exercises and also keeps your muscles active and engaged! A complete win-win.

Well, they say there are no short-cuts to success. And you can’t build your body like Dwane Johnson by doing short ten-minute workouts. But you know what with each step you take, however small, counts as taking a significant step towards health and wellness. So, take that step and make it count.