Five Ways To Tackle Mental Blocks To Become More Motivated

Motivational videos, quotations, books, and articles are great, but these external sources of motivation aren’t enough if you refuse to be inspired by them. It’s easier said than done but motivation has to come from within you in order for you to be successful. Look at yourself and assess what things motivate you — it’s different for every person. For example, though we associate stress with negativity, being under pressure and stress can make some people quite productive as they work better that way. For others, they use fear as their fuel to steer forward. Though fear can actually paralyze others and even cause depression, it works “positively” for a few. How we think and motivate ourselves is essential for our business as it might help us succeed. But sometimes our own bad habits become a hurdle in our road to success. Here are five ways to overcome mental blocks that hinder motivation:

Stop Making Excuses

With every step you take, problems are bound to arise. While these may create a strain on your business, try not to panic. How you deal with those problems and your approach towards solving them will lead either to the success or downfall of your business, so tread carefully. When it comes to dealing with any problem, some of us always has some excuse ready for failing to complete a task or rejecting a project. These people usually have the “why bother?” attitude. If you can’t be bothered to resolve a problem, most especially the little ones, and always have excuses to fall back on, then your success will be limited. On the other hand, people who have the “why not?” attitude always think outside the box and try to look for solutions even when chances of success are few. They are okay to try even if they know they might not succeed — this is the attitude one needs to have to win!

Focus On Results, Not Reasons

There are two kinds of people — the ones who focus on all the reasons why they can never achieve their dreams and those who visualize the results they want to see. It is no secret that result-driven people are more successful than those who dwell on reasons and do not even try hard enough to make their dreams come true. Result-driven people are also a lot happier and healthier than others. If you haven’t reached your goals yet, you probably need to change your approach or do things you haven’t tried before. Visualization has become a great tool for motivators these days, so maybe you can try it, too.

Find A Way Instead Of Saying You Can’t


Do you quit easily or do you always try to find a way out of a problem? When you have prepared your mind to think that something can’t be done, your brain has already been trained to think that there is no solution to that particular problem. Another approach to problem-solving is to keep brainstorming for unique ways to tackle it. The age-old adage, “where there’s a will, there is a way”, comes handy in this regard. Also, it is important to remember that we, more often than not, become what we think. If we want to be successful, we need to think about addressing the problem instead of saying, “I quit”.

Breaking The Rules Is Okay Sometimes

Rules are good as it keeps things organized and people disciplined. But sometimes, it is good to break rules. If you look into the lives of your favorite leaders, motivators, or entrepreneurs, you will see that they have one thing in common — they are all fearless and have not played safe at all. In fact, many of them faced rejection and failure due to their unconventional ways, and yet, they didn’t lose heart and kept trying. To move forward, sometimes, it is important to break the shackles put in place by society.

Have A Positive Attitude Towards The World You Live In

Are you someone who constantly complains about the negativity happening around you? Do you love the world you live in? Or do you just see all the sadness and pain? How you view the world can have a deep impact on your business, too. You should always exude a positive vibe and emphasize love, kindness, and empathy in your life. You will find that this will create more opportunities for you and open many doors for your future!

Even if you watch motivational videos every day and read books, mental blocks will hinder your journey to success. Try your hardest and remove them from your life to have a thriving career!