Follow These Golden Rules To Start Your Day Right!

Morning shows the rest of the day, they say — and it is so true. Imagine something happening early in the morning that upset you. Wouldn’t that determine your mood for the rest of the day? It would, unfortunately. Even if your morning seems alright, you can still do something along the way to motivate yourself to be more productive. Hence, no more grumpy mornings! So what you can do to make your mornings brighter and more positive? Here are a few hacks that can help:

Sleep Early

You can start your day early only when you wake up early. So, you need to establish a routine where you can sleep early. This will ensure that you can wake up nice and bright in the early hours and not feel sleepy throughout the day. It goes without saying that sleep is very important for the body and mind. Our body needs its fair share of rest, and if we don’t get at least 7 hours of sleep, then we’ll feel lethargic and groggy the next day. With a number of wearables that can help you can monitor your sleep and apps that help your mind to calm down and even fall asleep, this tip is quite achievable if you put your mind to it.

Get A Soothing Alarm

If waking up in the morning is a problem, then you are likely to set up a highly strong and irritating alarm for your mornings. But the truth is if you have a soothing and nice alarm, then chances of waking up and being in a great mood is more likely to be the case. If you have the news or the radio set to go off on a certain time, avoid that, too. Your favorite song or a funny podcast is more likely to make you happy when you wake up.

Don’t Press On Snooze

Do you press snooze often? Well, that might be the reason why you aren’t cheerful in the morning. It has been found that when we snooze the alarm and sleep again, we fall into a deeper sleep than before. It so happens that our sleep cycle is over when we wake up as the alarm goes off. When we hit snooze, we begin another sleep cycle and fall back into a deep and sweet slumber. That’s why you jerk awake about an hour or so later after you hit snooze!

Think About Someone You Love While Brushing Your Teeth

This is a newly found truth by researchers and might work for you, too. To make your day better and happier, try this trick. While brushing your teeth, think about someone you love. You can also think of some good incident when going to bed. Thinking of something positive while you’re doing your morning routine will uplift your mood.

Do A Small Chore To Get Yourself Going

The first thing we want to do after getting up is to laze around in our bed. But get out of that zone and try to do something small to get moving. Maybe clean up your desk, fold the laundry, pay bills, wash the dishes – it can be anything. When you complete your task, that small sense of achievement that you feel afterward will get you moving. Slowly, you will start doing the rest of your chores.

Have Something Good For Breakfast

They say to eat breakfast like a king. So don’t worry about the calories and have what you like. A little bit of fat during breakfast actually cuts down your fat cravings for the rest of the day. Sit down for a proper breakfast, and we don’t mean a rotten banana or a bowl of cereal and milk. A healthy breakfast will wake you up and also help you stay energized for the rest of the day. It has been found that those who miss breakfast can get a number of chronic diseases in their advanced age.

Start your morning right, and you will have nothing to worry about. Of course, if you can incorporate a bit of exercise, yoga, or walk in your morning routine, then you will be all set for the day and the rest of your life, too. A few good habits will help you be a better person as well as a healthier one.