12 Food Ideas That Your Kids Will Love


Having trouble pleasing a picky eater? Try out these 12 fun recipes that kids will love! Hungry Panda will show you how to make simple yet playful meals – quick and easy sandwiches to eat as a snack, an oatmeal owl that makes a great breakfast, mouth-watering pancakes with maple syrup for those sweet tooth occasions and many more! Surprise the youngsters or enjoy these lovely recipes yourself!

0:18 Oatmeal Owl

1:16 Rice Panda with Omelet

2:22 Fluffy Pancakes

3:12 Sleeping Rice Bunny With Omelet

4:34 Cupcakes With Chocolate & Berries

5:11 Rice Cat With Pork Patty

6:45 Animal Sandwiches

7:27 Rice Flake Penguin

7:55 Spaghetti Lion

8:40 Omelet Cub With Meat

9:34 Spaghetti & Meatball Smile