Four Diet Strategies for the Endomorph Body Types for Sustainable Fat Loss!

What is with body shape, and how it impacts our health and weight? Well, there are three types of body shape ecomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph, and people who are endomorph may find it harder to drop the extra fat. Let’s find out how two different body types can feel differently while eating the same thing.

Say you have a friend who eats Big Macs every other day and yet manages to look svelte without dropping a sweat, while someone like you may put on weight just by looking at food. Life isn’t fair, but then all you need to do is tweak the eating patterns, and you may not have to find it that hard to lose extra pounds. Even if you are an endomorph, you may still lose the fat and gain strength. Here’s how you can do it.

Include Macronutrients

The first rule of fat loss isn’t doing away with carbs entirely. Carbs are not enemies. They have an important role to play in your fat loss, more importantly, your health journey. Doing away without carbs can prove to be harmful to your hormonal health. Also, leaving out carbs may not prove to be sustainable in the long run. Yes, if you are targeting fat loss, you have to keep the insulin hormone in control.

So, you can watch your carb intake with a hawk’s eye on days you are not active. Insulin helps drive the carbs into the muscle and liver tissue, but in some cases, it may direct the carbs into fat and stubborn fat at that, creating problems for you. So, schedule your carb eating time during your workout time. On days that you plan to sit it out, you can up your protein and fat intake. Also, avoid high carb breakfasts such as pancakes and waffles and settle for eggs and spinach. However, on the days you manage to work out, eat the good carbs right before or after the workout to aid in recovery.

Consume More Vegetables

The hardest part of losing weight is to control your appetite. But it’s important to eat those foods that will be not only low in calories but will be filling as well. So, choose foods that are high in fiber, which will fill you satiate you. Foods like spinach, kale, and broccoli will be a great addition to your diet.

Eat slowly

People who are endomorph are carb sensitive too, or should we say carb intolerant. One person’s carb tolerance may not be the same as the next person’s. And your carb intolerance may be dependant on your saliva. Salivary amylase is an enzyme in your saliva that helps in the digestion of the starches in carbohydrates.

The gene that makes up this amylase, AMY1, is different from one person to another. The more amylase you have, the easier it is to digest the carbs.

Research comparing 149 Swedish families that included siblings whose (BMI) or Body Mass Index differs more than 10 kg/m2. The biggest determining factor that impacted their BMI was the volume of AMY1 in their saliva. Let’s say you are deficient in that saliva. What should you do? The solution is pretty simple. All you need to do is be aware of every morsel you eat and take time to savor each bite. When you take more time to eat, the amylase takes more time to break the carbs you eat. The next time you are eating something, chew your food slowly, and you will soon notice a surprising effect on your weight.

Consume Proteins

Protein takes longer to digest than fats or carbs. Protein takes time to expend energy and is estimated to be as high as 30 percent. It also helps you to maintain your lean body mass. You need to stay in a calorie deficit, which will help maintain a lean body mass.

It will also boost your performance levels and manage your weight. So, when it comes to loading up on protein, the advantages are just far too many to ignore.

So, all is not lost. Even if you are an endomorph, you still have hope and will lose the extra fat if you follow these diet tricks. Good luck with your weight loss journey!