Four Effective Weight Loss Tips That Are Backed Up By Science

If you’re one of those people who’s constantly concerned about weight loss, you’ve probably read up on numerous articles regarding tips and tricks to hasten your weight loss journey. More often than not, these tips are based on hearsay and general myths that have been accepted as truths over time. Others are repetitive information that we have heard countless times. So, before you start doubting everything you read, there are other articles that do speak the truth. And here we present a few weight loss tips that are backed up by science!

Dieting is a Much Better Option Than Exercising

A lot of people might advise you to stick to a workout regimen or do a little bit of exercise like staying away from the elevator and taking the stairs in order to lose weight. But the reality is you get to cut down on your calories through exercising. Try to curb your food intake since that is much more fruitful than any physical activity if your main goal is to lose weight. If you are aiming for an energy deficit of, say 300kcal, you can run for 3 miles or stay away from fried stuff as much as you can. It’s pretty simple. However, as far as weight loss is concerned, experts put more emphasis on a proper and nutritious diet more than exercising. With that being said, the combination of both is even better. Being too much dependent on workouts alone has its downsides and might backfire.

Exercise Can Heal A Problematic Metabolism

People have complained of a “broken” metabolism many a time during their visits to a doctor’s office. Doctors used to believe that exercise might not be as effective for weight loss as calorie restriction, but it’s indispensable as far as curing a “broken” metabolism is concerned. If you stay inactive for a couple of days, your metabolism loses its flexibility. The moment you start moving, it tries to attain its original flexibility. Chances are that your metabolism might not get back to normalcy, but, of course, it can pick itself up again to a large extent when you move your body every day. The maintenance phase is difficult to go through, and exercising plays a crucial role here.

You Need To Work Harder Than Others

Although exercise has a pretty insignificant role to play in weight loss, it can shape up and improve your metabolism — but it doesn’t work the same way for everyone. According to experts, your metabolism won’t revert back to the way it was before your weight gain. Being inactive for a period of time will mess up your metabolism. So, if you have been suffering from obesity and have recently undergone a weight loss, you have to toil a lot harder in order to maintain that loss. Obesity has made you inactive, and you have been unable to move around for a long time. Extra effort has to be given in order to bring it back to normal condition now. This is the harsh reality that you need to acknowledge and the sooner you do, the better it is. Remember, this process might go on forever which is a sad reality, but it is what it is.

There is No Magical Diet

A perfect combination of food is nothing but a myth. You will often hear people talking about a magical diet or an amalgamation of various kinds of food that will help you in weight loss or maintain proper body weight. The list of diets is long and comprises of low carb-diets, low-fat diets, low glycemic diets, Paleo diets, and so many others. Experts point out that there is no such thing as the ultimate and perfect diet. In fact, there is no evidence to prove that a specific diet will work in tandem with a particular metabolism. Any diet will work for you and help you in your weight-loss process if you abide by how much you should be eating and when. You will just have to religiously follow them. Just remember that each person reacts differently to diets — a Paleo diet might work marvelously on your friend but it might not prove to be as effective to you. Consult a dietician if you’re not sure how to proceed!

The bottom line is – eat healthy food, reduce calories, and exercise. Nothing more than that. Keep in mind that it’s a practice and you need to stick to it for months and years. There is no shortcut!