Four Exclusive Weight Loss And Fitness Tips For Men

How many times has it happened to you when your friends posed for a shirtless selfie but you chickened out just because you were too shy to show your bare body? It happens to many men where they do not feel comfortable taking their shirt off publicly, during beach outings, poolside parties and other summer social gatherings. If you have grown a sizable tummy or a potbelly and you blame your sedentary lifestyle for looking that way, here are a few effective ways to lose your weight without cutting back on your diet too much.

Lose Fat By Jogging And Running

To date, the best-known way to lose fat is to run slowly. Running fast is great for strength building. Contrary to popular belief, running fast does not help the cause of losing weight. Instead, run slower for a longer period. This way, you can enhance your overall endurance level which, in turn, would help you in losing extra fat. Also, if you want to sprint like Usain Bolt (just kidding!), you can run shorter distances (50m short sprints are extremely beneficial). Just keep your focus on good techniques and leg speed. If you live in a hilly area, running uphill can be even more effective. Slow down while running and hold your hips up while lifting your knees as much as you can. A good time to run is before breakfast.

Burn Extra Fat By Swimming

If you are not good at running or cycling, you can try swimming which can eventually lead to a healthier lifestyle. Swimming actually helps in improving muscular and cardiovascular activities. When swimming, try three different styles – namely backstroke kick, breaststroke kick, and butterfly kick. Ask your trainer to help you do these. Swimming doesn’t only help in losing weight, but it improves your overall health condition, too. In South Carolina, researchers worked with 40,547 men aged between 20 and 90 for 32 long years. After more than three decades of research, they found that swimming can help reduce the mortality rate by about 50% compared to walking, running, or doing no exercises at all.

Lose Extra Pounds By Hitting The Gym

Many prominent fitness trainers agree that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the best training regimen to follow in the gym, especially if you are trying to burn extra calories. If you do HIIT in the gym, your calories start burning after your work-out session. This means that you will get the benefits of your workout in the next 24 hours. However, you need to take good food to get into shape. After warming up, do press-ups and medicine ball slamming (sandbag will do in the absence of a medical ball). Also, do dips and pull-ups. Follow your instructor’s advice religiously, and you will be on the right track in a few days. There are actually weight loss workout plans that are exclusively for men, and if you really want to build intensity and endurance besides losing weight, these weight loss programs are the best out there.

Lose Weight Wherever You Want

If you are super-busy during most days, do take short breaks in between long meetings or work sessions and do push-ups and basic exercises to stay fit and in shape. Intermittent fasting also helps in weight loss. You don’t need to live on just salads every day. Remember to do your exercises properly and give your body enough time to digest the food you consume. Eat fresh food and try to avoid junk and oily food at all cost. Of course, you cannot lose weight by just drinking beer (some tabloids might want to make you believe that these cheap hacks actually work, but these do more harm than good), but you can definitely do that by working a weight loss plan in your daily routine. Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, a reputed journal, recently published a study which claimed that men actually lose weight faster than women if they can stick to a proper diet and fitness plan (no offense to all you beautiful ladies).

You need to stay updated about the latest fitness and weight loss trends, just like you stay abreast about your favorite football team. Bear in mind that new weight loss tricks and diet plans are being explored almost every day and you need to stay in the loop to drop your extra pounds in the easiest way possible.