Four Lifestyle Changes Everyone Has to Embrace in the COVID Era!

Coronavirus, the one word that’s sending shivers down the spines of everyone, has changed our lives in the ways we never thought we could. The past six months since the pandemic’s first outbreak has been terrifying. With cities on lockdown, no one out on holidays or at work, everything at a standstill, life has indeed changed. While the lockdown has helped people connect better with their loved ones and helping nature heal, people are battling challenges as they try to adjust to the whole situation.

With no sign of any vaccination anytime soon, everyone is forced to change their definition of normal and life a whole new life. While we have no clue how long this lockdown and virus spread might go on, we know for sure that life will not remain the same. The COVID era and the time post that will definetly be different from the pre-COVID era. Here are a few lifestyle changes that we might have to make after the pandemic as the world tries to go back to functioning like we usually did!

Face Mask: The Mandatory Accessory!

Remember the time you dread stepping outside your home without your cellphone or your wallet? Wearing a face mask is now an invariable part of everyone’s life. Stepping out of the home even to visit your neighbors without face mask makes you look like an evil person trying to spread the virus.

While the initial belief was that only those taking care of a person ailing from COVID-19 or those sick with the virus should wear the mask. However, recent developments show that a lot of them are asymptomatic, so as a safety precaution, it is always best to have your nose and mouth covered with a mask on! No wonder, the trend of reusable masks and masks matching the clothes is becoming a trend!

Reduced Travel

There was a time when people couldn’t wait to pack their bags and leave for the weekend! Every long weekend, holiday, or special event involved travel. However, that might not be the way forward. And the reason is simple. Air travel means staying in a closed space for long hours with random strangers from across the globe who might be infected. Add to it, the hotel rooms, cabs, and other tourist places might not be as safe and sanitized as you would like to be!

So, traveling for pleasure is something most people are going to avoid. Similarly, holidays might be a local affair in which people drive down in their vehicles rather than take public transport or flying. One major trend in traveling is that it will be only unavoidable trips, traveling by road, and, in short, an unrecoverable fall for the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry!

The Way We Greet and Meet

Remember meeting your friends after a long time or catching up with your colleagues after a weekend? That warm embrace or a handshake was a great way to start catching up. However, the one thing that has significantly changed and will continue to be that way is the way we meet and greet people.

That’s because people should maintain ample social distancing and that completely rules out the possibility of hugging or shaking hands with anyone. While this might seem a bit awkward initially, it is the best way to stay safe and stop the spread.


Well, it’s not just the grown-ups who are facing the impact of the lockdown and the virus spread. School and college students are taking the strain too. With all the educational institutions closed, and most classes happening online, learning has changed.

And when the schools and colleges do reopen, the students and teachers will have to wear a mask. Sanitizing the premises regularly and maintaining social distancing will be mandatory. So, everything from the gym room to the dorm will look surprisingly different from what it’s been until now.

These are just a few changes that might come into our life. And only as we embrace these changes and start living a healthy lifestyle, will we get out of this pandemic safely. So, make sure you follow all the precautions that the local government and healthcare organization is sharing constantly.