Four Smoothie Bowl Mistakes You Should Avoid To Stop Gaining Weight

It isn’t as innovative or revolutionary a dish that you think it is. You just pour a smoothie in a bowl and add fruits, nuts, seeds, or anything else according to your wish and you have a photogenic dessert at our fingertips. You would love to flaunt it on social media and show everyone what a gorgeous dish you are treating yourself with. Smoothie bowls are considered to be a good source of fiber, protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats as well and they can really make you feel rejuvenated for the day. Aside from that, they replenish you after you sweat it out at the gym. However, what you don’t know is that your favorite smoothie bowl can transform itself into a high-calorie bomb within a matter of time. There are some mistakes that you make while preparing them.  What are they? Continue reading.

Don’t Add Too Much Fruit

Having fruits is definitely good for your health. However, as far as smoothies are concerned, people tend to add more fruits than they normally consume at one go. When you add excess fruits in your smoothie bowl, you are taking a diet that contains more carbohydrates than you need. Higher levels of carbs will lead to higher blood sugar levels and gain more weight than you would ever expect. If you consume too much food, calorie intake will increase automatically, which in turn would lead to weight gain. Even if you blend the fruits down, the fruits will appear to be in smaller proportions. But, you are taking in the same quantity. Ultimately, that’s of no use.

Refrain From Increasing The Portions

Fruits, greens, yogurt and several other types of ingredients will fill you up, but blended stuff won’t. So, there is nothing wrong in adding more fruit and yogurt in your smoothie bowl, right? Wrong. By blending them, you are actually reducing the volume of all the items that you are adding in the bowl. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are eating less. Optimum portion sizes lead to a balanced diet. If you throw more stuff into your smoothie, the balance in your diet goes for a toss. Calorie intake should always depend on your age and gender. For some, consuming 900 calories can prove to be enough, while for some it’s half of what they should be taking in. Adding as much fruit as you want is not recommended. Instead, go for those veggies which don’t normally have. That’s a brilliant way to increase the volume in your smoothie bowl.

Don’t Include The Skins

Maximum people don’t like to consume fruit and vegetable skins. Either they are worried about consuming pesticides or they don’t find the taste palatable. However, many don’t know that skins can actually be a great source of fiber, minerals, and vitamins and compounds such as resveratrol that boasts of anti-oxidant characteristics. The moment you are removing the skin before blending the fruits or veggies, you are losing out on essential fiber and nutrients. Try to blend them with their skin on with the help of a high-powered blender if you wish to enjoy a smoothie that’s laden with nutrients. It’s always beneficial for your health. When you blend your fruit, the surface area of your smoothie expands and that favors digestion. Aside from that, it helps your body absorb the natural sugars fast. There is evidence to prove that liquefied food falls short in satiating your hunger.

Don’t Add Too Much Toppings High In Calorie

Who doesn’t love to see their smoothies topped off with more fruits, nuts, dried fruit, butter, seeds, and grains? Isn’t that mouth-watering? However, all of these can accentuate the calorie intake and that’s dangerous. As discussed earlier, a weight gain and high blood sugar levels would follow and that’s not welcome. Of course, your smoothie bowl would look stunning and delicious to have. But keeping your health in mind, that’s definitely not advisable. Toppings do add more nutrients, but you must never go overboard with them.

There were the four common mistakes you make while preparing your smoothie bowl. The world is obsessed with weight loss right now. Join the bandwagon and lead a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy your bowl, but be a little careful with how many calories you are taking in.