Gender Quiz for 2019!

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Finding out the gender of your new baby is one of the most exciting times of your pregnancy and your entire life. Trying to guess whether you will have a boy or girl can leave you up at night taking every type of quiz possible. You will surely try every “old wives tale test” to try and help you predict the gender of your baby. Here is a baby gender predictor quiz that can help you determine if you are going to have a boy or girl.
#1) Is your bump shaped like a

#2) Where is your bump sitting?

#3) Do you have morning sickness?
b)all the time

#4) Can you see a difference in your own hair?
a)yes, it looks fuller and healthier
b)yes, it looks duller
c)not really

#5) What types of food do you crave the most?
a)salt and veggies
b)sugar and fruits

#6)Has your skin changed its texture or complexity since being pregnant?
a)yes, it appears healthier
b)yes, it is more oily
c) no, it has not really changed

#7) Are you experiencing any mood swings?
a)sometimes, but not often
b)yes, all the time


Once you have answered all of these questions count how many of each letter you had circled. If you had more a’s than b’s circled you are likely having a boy. If you had more b’s than a’s circled you are likely having a girl. This gender quiz can help you start planning your gender reveal 2019 party and jumpstart your shopping list for either your new baby boy or girl. While this gender quiz is based on old wives tales many people find this quiz to be accurate in helping them determine the gender of their baby. The best time to take the quiz is around 12 weeks when you are starting to really show.

While you will want to wait to throw your gender reveal 2019 party until you have verified the gender of your baby with your doctor it is never to early to start thinking about how you want to throw your party. Announcing the gender to your friends, family, and sometimes even your significant other is one of the most exciting times. Everyone is able to come together to celebrate the new baby, and most of them are likely to bring gifts.

Some of the main things you will want to plan out are what the theme of the party will be, how you plan on announcing the gender, what types of games to play, and who to invite. Most of these things you can start planning now, but you may need to wait before purchasing certain party favors or gender reveals cannons. Some of the most creative ways to announce the gender of your baby are with a gender reveal cannon that shoots out either blue or pink confetti, a smoke ball that spills out blue or pink smoke, or a pinata that is filled with blue or pink objects.

These ideas have all been done before, but you can take the idea and make it your own. For example, you may want to have your husband hit the smoke ball with a golf club or use a bat to hit it, depending on his favorite sport. These ideas allow all guests to know at once what the baby is. It truly makes for an unforgettable experience. If you have some friends and family who cannot make it to the party be sure to film the moment you reveal the gender and send it to everyone you know.