Gender Reveal With Lanterns!

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You’re a few months pregnant with your first or second child. First of all, congratulations! You’re excited to find out whether you’re having a boy or girl and your family and friends are as well. It’s probably still early to be having a baby shower, but it’s the perfect time to throw a gender reveal party. A gender reveal party can be a fun way for everyone to find out if the baby will be a boy or girl together.
Traditional Ideas

When it comes to how the gender will be revealed, there are dozens of fun ideas. Some ideas for a gender reveal 2019 can be

  • 1. Cutting a cake
  • 2. Popping balloons
  • 3. Releasing balloons
  • 4. Scavenger hunt
  • 5. Several other fun ideas
How to Organize a Lantern Reveal 

One such fun idea would be a gender revealing lantern. You’ll have a group of normal lanterns with a blue lantern or pink lantern mixed in. That is, all but one of the lanterns will have a normal colored flame. The one single lantern will have a blue or pink flame. Some ways to have a lantern of revealing would be

  • 1. Display the lanterns to light up at once
  • 2. Locate all the lanterns to light up until you find the pink or blue lantern
  • 3. Release sky lanterns to light up
  • 4. Display lanterns, but light them up individually

There are several ways to go about a gender revealing lantern. There’s more than one type of lantern of revealing. With a blue or pink lantern, you can light up your gender reveal 2019 with the news of your soon to be born son or daughter.

If you decide you want to use lanterns for your gender reveal, then later in the evening would be the best time for your party. The lanterns will be easier to see and will be a more mesmerizing sight after the sun has gone down. Hopefully it’ll be around spring or summer time so that your lantern gender reveal will be during warm weather. If it happens to be during colder weather, a bonfire is always a great addition to a party or get together.

Even though the baby’s gender is a surprise to everyone, at least one person will have to know the gender ahead of time and keep it a secret. Maybe it’ll be you or a close friend or family member. This way whatever gender reveal idea you decide to go with, everything can be set up with the right color.

Here’s to hoping that you have a fun and memorable gender reveal party. Regardless of what your baby’s gender ends up being, becoming a mom can be exciting. Now that you and everyone else in your life knows what you’re having, it won’t be long before your planning the baby shower. Hopefully nobody was too disappointed by the baby’s gender since there are people who have a preference. What matters the most is that the parents are excited and ready.