A Quick Guide To 3 Great Gifts Every Foodie Needs In Their Kitchen

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So you’re struggling to choose a gift for that special occasion? Maybe there’s a birthday coming up? An anniversary or other occasion when you want to treat that foodie in your life to a gift which will be not only useful but stand out from the crowd?

If this sounds like you, don’t panic! We’ve rounded up a fantastic selection of great gifts which every foodie needs in their kitchen; those a little different from the things which you’ve perhaps considered but those which will come in handy to help them cook up delicious dishes for the whole family!

A Quality Knife Set

When it comes to purchasing knives, home foodies often start off with a relatively cheap knife block. In theory, there’s nothing wrong with this…after all; there’s no need to invest in a quality (yet ultimately more expensive set) until you’ve honed your culinary skills but once a foodie is starting to get serious wish their dishes, a quality knife set may be the perfect gift!

Which should you go for, however?

We love the global knives range; high quality Japanese knives which will last a lifetime. The brand has been in existence since 1985 when it was founded by Komin Yamada when he was commissioned to develop a range of knives that was truly new and revolutionary, using the best materials available and the latest manufacturing techniques.

It’s for this reason that Global has become one of the world’s most trusted knife brands by home and professional foodies alike. These are knives which you need in your kitchen and which, if looked after, should last for years.

Just don’t forget to ensure the recipient has a sharpener too!

A Sous Vide Device

Sous vide? What’s that, we hear you say?

Sous vide is an innovative approach to cooking which, when translated, literally means ‘under vacuum.’ It’s a technique which has been championed in recent years by the likes of Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsay and sees food cooked in vacuum bags in a water bath at lower temperatures for longer periods of time than you’re probably used to.

This results in delicious dishes (it’s not all just about meat, you know; sous vide veggies taste great and you can even use your device to make amazing cocktails!) and the great news is that it’s a technique which is really easy to get the hang of.

In terms of which device to go for? There’s a wide range on the market but we recommend speaking with a specialist such as Sous Vide Tools to ensure you’re purchasing the right device for the recipients needs (and space).


A Kitchen Multi Tool

Really stuck for a gift idea for the foodie who has everything? We love this kitchen multi tool which, despite looking like a fun gimmick, could actually come in really handy in the kitchen!
Priced at just £29.99, it’s an absolute bargain and offers the user 12 high quality utensils; including a cheese grater, stirring spoon, carving fork and more.

It’s a gift which we’re sure any foodie will love and treasure and carry on them at all times! After all, who knows when they may need to cook up a real treat?