A Guide to Positioning Your Picture Frames

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Hanging pictures in your home creates a personal and intimate atmosphere. Bring warmth to your space by placing photographs across your walls in expert formations with this guide to flawlessly displaying your photo frames.   

You find yourself with a collection of new photos from your recent adventures, or maybe you’ve dug up some charming memories from the archive. Whatever the picture, it’s important to consider and plan how you’ll be distributing it around your home. 

Wall Positioning 

Finding the right spot for a frame can really alter a photo’s impact on a room. As a general rule, placing the piece at the average person’s eye level is the best option. This will make it comfortable for viewing and will create a flow between all the photographs or artwork that you may have on display.  

Single Photos 

When hanging a single picture, a great tip to consider is its size in relation to your chosen wall. For example, if you were to place a small photo on a very large wall then its impact would be totally lost. By only placing frames that are compatible with the size of the wall they’ll be hanging on you’ll put a stop to any awkward looking scenes.  

Picture placement can also create the impression of more open space. Hang your picture slightly lower to elongate your walls or place it off centre to give the illusion of more openness to a room. 

 Multiple Photos   

Now that you’re versed in hanging single frames, you can consider how you can maximise the effect of multiple pictures. Just the same as with placing one photo, you need to consider how to make the best use of your space and plan carefully.  

There are an abundance of different ways to display multiple frames, a very common one is placing them along your staircase. This is traditionally organised so that the pictures ascend as the stairs do, which is a simple and effective way to showcase your personal photos. 

Creating a wall collage or photo display is another beautiful method of positioning multiple frames, although this one requires a little more planning.  

To create a formation that fits your home, choosing the right frame is essential. Use photo frames with similar tones, themes or colours. Simple monochromatic frames are great for a contemporary sleek style or mix and match different antique pieces for a more eclectic, Victorian impression. Make sure to balance between multiple sizes, you wouldn’t have just big frames all together. Having a mix between small, medium and large is the best way to create an interesting collage. 

To get your perfect scene, place your chosen frames out on a flat surface so that you can clearly see how your layout is going to look. If you have a large sheet of paper at hand then you can trace around the frames to create a map, be sure to take a picture for safe keeping. You can stick your paper map to your wall to see exactly how your photographs will look together once they’re mounted. Measure the space between each photograph to be sure that your plan translates properly when it’s brought to life! 


The two golden rules of picture placement are spacial awareness and meticulous planning. By taking your time, you’ll find yourself constructing perfect collections and placements every time you create a new memory to showcase!