Why a good pair of gym headphones is a must-have in 2022!


Working out is very much like Marmite – you either love it or hate it. 

But despite which side of the argument you fall, a solid pair of gym headphones is essential, especially if you want to get the most out of every workout. Not to mention take your mind of the trials and tribulations that you’ll be going through to reach your desired weight. 

So to show you why gym headphones are such a ‘must-have’ fitness accessory in 2022, we’ve picked them apart so you don’t have to. Read on & you should have a strong idea of what to look for in your perfect pair…

Why are gym headphones a ‘must’ in 2022?

There’s a whole host of reasons why a pair of gym headphones are a no-brainer in 2022. To help you see why, here’s just a few…

Music motivates you – When it comes to pushing for those final reps (i.e. where the real growth’s at), most of us will need some form of motivation. Something where music really comes into its own. Play some heavy Hip Hop or hardcore Rock while you’re trying to eek out those last final reps & you should find that doing so is a lot easier.

Headphones limit distractions – In a busy gym it’s often hard to focus, especially if you’re trying to count your reps or do some form of relaxing Yoga. Hence why a pair of studio headphones can really help to enhance your focus. It’s in the gym where noise cancellation really does become a useful perk!

Mental health – Studies have shown that both exercise and music have positive effects on mental health, providing of course your playlist isn’t made up of heartbroken love songs. In which case, a pair of headphones could actually turn your trip to the gym into a major form of daily therapy & improve not just your mood throughout the day, but also your attitude towards life (jaw drop).

Do gym headphones differ to studio headphones?

Yes – headphones you use for the gym differ immensely to those you use for music production, so it’s important that you don’t confuse the two!

Studio headphones are cans that’s designed specially for mixing and mastering music. So in short, they’re NOT designed for comfy listening. Instead, a pair of studio headphones will aim to be as honest as possible to the original recording. 

Reason being that they’re used by music producers as critical listening devices, to smooth out any creases in their mix. In which case, these headphones will likely come with a very flat frequency response. Something you don’t really want in a pair of headphones for the gym.

When you’re working out, you typically want headphones with a bass boost & potentially even some accentuation in the high end. While a music producer is after clarity & detail, with gym headphones, you’re after an attractive overall sound. Compare a set of Dr Dre’s Beats to a high end pair of mixing headphones & you’ll immediately tell the difference.

What to look for in a pair of casual gym headphones

With their being a LOT of choice out there, selecting a pair of gym headphones isn’t easy. In fact, it’s more of a struggle as the headphone market is that full these days that it’s often hard to know where to begin. Therefore, to help you whittle down a shortlist extra fast, we’ve highlighted the main characteristics that you should be on the lookout for… 

Comfort factor – Any pair of headphones need to be comfy to wear. However, for a pair that you’ll be wearing in the gym, comfort should be top priority! An uncomfortable pair of headphones is merely a distraction – not something you want when you’re trying to push for that extra rep. So in your search for gym headphones be sure to make ear cups that’re made of memory foam an absolute must. Padded headbands are also something to keep an eye out for too!

Build quality – While some headphones are built like tanks, others (usually those geared towards casual use) are less so. In which case, we’d urge you to make the quality of the build another major priority. For gym headphones especially, a rugged build is vital. Fail to do so and you could find yourself looking to buy a second pair sooner than you’d like. Remember: in the long run, price isn’t everything.

Design & aesthetics – Now, as much as a pair of headphones need to be functional, they also need to look the part too. Let’s face it, in somewhere as sweaty and full of lycra as the gym, you get judged. So choosing a set of headphones that coordinate with your outfit & that you’re proud to wear is merely common sense. Self confidence is a HUGE part of even attending the gym + the key to making the most out of your gym membership.

Sound quality – Ideally when it comes to headphones for the gym you want the highest quality drivers you can get. The more immersive the sound, the more motivated you’ll be. And of course, while cheaper headphones will ‘do the job’, you’ll usually be able to tell the difference by spending that bit more. Bang & Olufsen headphones being proof in point. For the gym, their H95s are by far some of the best in terms of clarity.

Wired or wireless? – While both wired and wireless headphones do work well for the gym, wireless are by far the most advantageous. In such a busy environment as the gym, having a wire going to your headphones is a tad more risky. Get it caught on a heavy dumbbell or around the frame of a squat rack and your expensive cans could easily be tugged straight off your head. So while wireless headphones do come at a premium price, in the long run they could actually work out cheaper.  

Which gym headphones would we choose?

If you had to ask us which headphones we’d choose for the gym, it’d be the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H95s every day of the week. Why? Well, that’s because aside from sounding absolutely spectacular, their design really does set them apart. 

Plus, their memory foam makes them comfy to wear, they offer outstanding noise isolation and crucially, are wireless. In other words, they’re what we’d call the perfect recipe for any frequent gym goer.