6 Steps To Showing Your Hair Some Love This International Women’s Day


A survey by All Things Hair mentioned that 72.8% of people asked thought that their hair was a strong part of their identity. Surprising? Not really. Needless to say, our hair represents our mood and is an expression of our style identity. If you’re not taking care of yourself, you’re normally not taking care of your hair. With International Women’s Day coming up, we want you to realize how important it is to show yourself some love. And when taking care of your body and soul, give yourself a confident boost with a revolutionary hair care regime that will help you feel on your A-Game!

Before trying any new bold look, you need to go back to basics. Like with anything, you need to start with a good foundation. It’s all very well trying out different colors and cuts – but you need to love your hair before putting it through the various changes you wish to put in place.

With that in mind, we are here to show you steps to showing your hair the love it needs, but also deserves. Simple steps, that will help you achieve salon-quality hair in a bat of an eyelid.

1 – Get the right tools

Like an artist needs the right paints and canvas, you need the right tools to look after your hair. By that, we mean looking at simple tools you use on a day to day basis – particularly your hair brush. Did you know you need to adapt the type of brush to your hair type? No, we thought not. This is an often neglected tip to stop breakage and damage when just simply brushing your hair. For example, a flat paddle brush is perfect for thick hair, but can damage fine hair – a bristle brush will be more appropriate for this hair type. And even if you have the right hair brush type, if your one is looking a little worse for wear, then it’s time to say goodbye, and invest in the brush your hair deserves.

In terms of tools, we recommend investing in quality heat tools too. Cheap hairdryers or straighteners will just fry your hair, regardless of heat protectant. Invest in quality styling tools that can help to strengthen your hair despite use. A good spritz of heat protectant beforehand, and you’ll have glossy, salon-quality hair, even during lockdown!

2 – Adapt your hair care

Applying generic shampoo to your hair without taking into account your hair type is a huge faux pas. Study your hair, does it get oily regularly? Is it static? Is it limp and lackluster? Does it regularly suffer from the dreaded frizz? These are all factors to take into account when topping up on your bath time allies.

This is even more so the case if you have colored hair – generic shampoo will just fade out your color in a few washes. You need to get your hands on products that cater especially for color-treated hair. This will enhance your hair color and make it last longer – in the long term, this will lengthen time between salon visits or hair touch ups, and be less costly. What more could you ask for?

3 – Self love

When we mean self love, we mean treat your hair. Your hair always need nourishing, so a quiet night in, with a bubble bath and your best hair mask (and maybe even a soothing face mask to enhance your experience), is the dream! Delicious-smelling masks with natural ingredients will help revolutionize your hair. Swot up on your ingredients and always look of natural ingredients and less chemical products, in the long run, it will limit damage.

Before going to bed, apply Moroccan oil to your hair for a soothing and refreshing smell that will also help your hair repair itself during your sleep. This is perfect if you tend to lose your hair whilst sleeping, as it creates a protective layer.

4 – Know what’s good for you

Like with your mind, know when it’s time to slow down and say stop to things that could damage you. With your hair, if you have some bad habits, it’s time to knuckle down and beat them. Do you blow dry your hair every day? Wash your hair too often? It’s little things like this that can really drag your hair down, and make it not look its best.

Find compromises – sure we love a blow dry or bouncy curls, but do you need to do it 3 times a week? Especially when you’re working from home? Let your hair air dry more, you’ll soon notice the difference in texture. If you wash your hair too often, slowly but surely try and alternate washes so your hair strengthens itself and beats the frizz.

5 – Eat healthily

Like your skin and nails, if you eat healthily, your hair will react positively to it. During these times where we may be stuck indoors, it’s so easy to get a takeaway and slob out. It’s the best time to actually change up your lifestyle. Different nutrients bring different qualities to your hair. Vitamin A is perfect for growing strong hair, and can be found in dairy products, this can also be found in products containing Vitamins D and E – fish, mushrooms and avocadoes are just some of the delicious treats that can also transform your hair!

These vitamins are also available in supplements. Just think – what you feed your body on the inside will reflect itself through the outside. And we’re not just talking preventing acne or staying in shape, but healthy, luscious, long hair will be shown through a carefully thought-through diet that is respected.

6 – Exercise

Now you’re eating healthily, you need to exercise. Get that heart pumping with a full-on cardio workout or even just join a Zoom Zumba class – the main thing is, you’re moving! By doing so, you’re increasing the blood circulation from head to toe, and therefore strengthening the hair follicles. How? Moving sends all the good nutrients to your scalp and increases hair growth. So get sporty!