Halloween Harley Quinn tutorial

With Halloween just around the corner we thought it was time to start thinking about costumes! And after the release of Suicide Squad a couple of months ago we thought who better to start with than Harley Quinn?

Played by the impossibly beautiful Margot Robbie, Harley’s new look for the film is deceptively cute with candy coloured bunches and bright, mismatched eye makeup. So let’s get started!

You’ll need
• Clip-in hair extensions for extra length
• Curling wand
• A brush
• Comb for backcombing
• Hair ties or bobbles
• Hair chalks in pink and blue
• An old towel
• Pink and blue eyeshadows
• Eyeshadow brushes for applying and blending

Step 1 – Clip your hair extensions in. You can find a video on with detailed instructions on how to do this here.
Next create a centre parting using a comb to trace a line up from your nose. Take the parting all the way back to the nape of your neck to split the hair into two sections for the bunches.

Step 2 – Take one of your sections and pull it up into a high ponytail on the side of your head, slightly higher than where you want it to sit when you’re done. Secure with a hair tie and then do the same on the other side so it matches the first one. If you like, you can pull a few strands loose to frame your face at this point.

Step 3 – Drape an old towel over one shoulder and grab your blue hair chalk. Now, take random small sections of hair from your bunch and rub the chalk down the length of the hair, starting just under halfway down the hair. Do this on the tips of all of your bunch, stopping to brush the hair out now and then to separate it before going over it again with the chalk.

Step 4 – Now move your towel over to your other shoulder and grab your pink hair chalk. Repeat the process on this side, making sure you get good coverage by separating the hair out now a nd then and going back over it.

Step 5 – To give your bunches that messy, casual look the Harley Quinn rocks so well just grab your curling wand and start curling the tips of your bunches. Working randomly to get that un-done look, take small sections of hair and wrap them around your curling wand. Make sure you only wrap the bottom half of your hair as you just want to wave the ends.

Step 6 – Gently separate your waves with your fingers and backcomb small sections to make it look super relaxed.

Step 7 – Now for the makeup. There’s nothing complicated here, simply sweep a pink eyeshadow over one eyelid and do the same with a blue eyeshadow on the other eyelid. Harley Quinn’s makeup is really messy, somewhere along the lines of “I slept in my makeup and woke up like this” so there’s no need to be precise – the messier the better.

Now, grab a baseball bat and some bubble gum and your good to go!


Source: lushhairextensions.co.uk