Hardwood Floor Designs Ideas For Home

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One of the most gorgeous floors that can make you super excited to design your home beautifully is a hardwood floor.You can easily find various flooring options which will make the feel and look of your home special.

A very common flooring option is tiling. Concrete floors can be made more stylish by laying luxurious carpets on them. Wall to wall carpeting gives an appealing look.

Now, the more practical way to do the flooring is using an eco-friendly material. That is why hardwood floors are becoming amazingly popular. Wooden floors are used for a long time, but modern designs enhances the curb appeal of your house. Some amazing hardwood floor design ideas mentioned below can be implemented with your creativity to enhance the curb appeal of your home. You can then get in touch with a hardwood flooring company in Utah to turn your dreams in reality.

  • Wooden Plank Ceilings and Floors: Not only the floors but if you put the same kind of wooden planks on the ceiling or any other matching design, your room will  feel like a dream come true. But, while you do this, keep one thing in mind and that is ‘perfect timing’. Without the perfect timing whole thing will look a bit odd. The design is mostly used in kitchen and living rooms. So if you have a ceiling repair to be done then it will easily hide the defected parts of the ceiling and save a few bucks for sure. You can use pine planks, usually 6 to 8 inches long for the ceiling and flooring process. For the uneven edges, crown molding can be done. Finally, sanding can be done to get a smooth look. You will notice a different feel and glow in your kitchen or living room and won’t stop to boast about it in the neighborhood and office.


  • Painted Pattern: If you are brave enough to try something new and experimental, the painted pattern is definitely for you. Your old wooden floors will look extremely lively using this process. Don’t complicate it more and start it with merging two different colors, which will look soothing together. The stripes and the diamonds are the most used patterns. After styling your floor with the painted pattern, you need to give it a natural finish. This type of hardwood flooring Utah is very popular.


  • Dark Wood Floor: The best thing about the dark hardwood floors is that they are extremely durable. They can be refinished and it will save you a lot of money as you don’t have to replace them. Moreover, your floor will look a lot elegant and modern in this style. The floors will not fade like the light colored wood floors. Just get a good hardwood floor cleaner and you can easily protect the floor. It will not catch dirt easily, so regular mopping is not necessary. Usually the wood of oak, pine, chestnut, etc. are used for creating these type of floors.


  • Herringbone Pattern: This pattern is made of columns of some short parallel lines. The lines of a particular column will be indicating to a certain direction. The pattern is really eye-catching. It takes a little bit of time to get installed but, it is certainly worth your efforts as the end result will really amaze you. Some more unusual arrangements like honeycomb and chevron can be done. The stability factor makes the pattern more lively. The boards in the pattern push against each other and it makes the base stronger than other patterns. This pattern looks great in big rooms. You can get more information on herringbone pattern from reputed hardwood floors Utah companies near your area.


  • Bespoke pattern Floors: it is another cool hardwood floor design. Usually, the impressive range of colors and the great finishing makes the look of your floor super fine. The oak wood is mostly used for the flooring. You can use your imagination to customize the pattern.


  • Painted Hardwood Floors: The painting of the hardwood floors will make your home a lot warmer and comfortable. You can choose from different hues like white, green, or gray. Painting easily give a polished look to your floor easily. You just have to sand the surface first and then make it rough followed by the use of oil-based enamel to paint it.


These are the top hardwood floor design ideas widely used nowadays. You can choose any of them to give your home a more sophisticated look.