Healthy Nutrition: Eat Green for the Win

Eating green, leafy vegetables is something that each one of us shouldn’t forget. This food type is full of nutrients that are sure to benefit your body in every way.

But the great thing that you can do is to switch to just eating greens alone and cutting off meat from your nutrition. This means going vegetarian. That may seem a bit too far and too much of a sacrifice for some. But rest assured that eating greens would be the best choice for you.

Did You Know: Greens Are More Nutritious Compared to Other Types of Vegetables

The first thing you should note when it comes to eating various green, leafy vegetables as part of your diet is that it can promote nutritional diversity. If you eat a variety of green leafy vegetables, then you will be providing your body with a balanced amount of vitamins and minerals.

There are also phytonutrients in certain greens, which is why you need to eat various amounts of it regularly. You surely won’t obtain such nutrients if you limit yourself to only just eating one or two types of greens.

Make sure not to limit yourself to eating just spinach. Dandelions and kale have higher levels of iron, calcium, and protein, so it would be best to eat them. Make sure to always branch out with your green leafy choices to experience more nutrients and more benefits.

Beware: Avoid Potential Overdose of Anti-Nutrients

Apart from nutrients, there is always something bound to counter it. Just like anyone would say, there’s no good without evil. This is the reason why your green choices should be varied. Leaves may contain small amounts of toxins that they use as a defense mechanism to protect the plant from predation.

An excellent example of this is kale and other brassicas since they can interrupt the function of the thyroid hormone for susceptible individuals. The oxalic acid found in spinach can also be troublesome for people who quickly form kidney stones on their body.

If you consume a significant amount of kale or spinach in a green smoothie each day, then it is entirely safe. But only if you don’t have any pre-existing health conditions that make your body react to these types of foods. It is even a bit impossible for you to experience some toxicity from eating large portions of green vegetables as part of your healthy, whole foods diet program.

However, a problem may arise if you already have a medical condition that green leafy vegetables can trigger, you should avoid eating those or eat it within a limit. So make sure to always be on the lookout on how much you’re eating and make sure it’s not going to aggravate your current health condition.

Reminder: Rotate Your Greens Consumption

If you want to incorporate a couple of different leafy greens into your diet, then you should do it by eating up to 2 bunches (6 to 8 cups) of greens each day. Make sure that your consumption is diverse to prevent an overabundance of a particular food that may cause some imbalances to your nutrition or anti-nutrient toxicity.

You must rotate your greens with other different plant families. If you turn one brassica-type vegetable such as kale with just another one such as the bok choy, it’s not a good variation. You are still feeding yourself with the same anti-nutrients that can all be found in brassicas. The best thing that you can do is to vary your green diet with different types of vegetables. This will surely make you much healthier. You will feel much better, and your overall body functions would improve. Variety is key and makes sure to keep that in mind when creating your green diet meal plans.

Proper nutrition fuels the body, body, and soul. You must eat the right kinds of food, and at the right amounts to ensure that you are functioning at your ultimate best. This way, you would detoxify yourself, lose unhealthy fat, and build health. Try eating greens regularly, and who knows? You might surprise yourself by becoming the best version of yourself.