Here’s All That You Needed to Know About The Mind Diet and The Foods to Include!

What has mind got to do with a diet? Apparently everything. Since wholesome, good nutritious food can act as the perfect food for your brain.

Not only that, but it also helps you stall degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer‘s.  And that’s why the Mind Diet comes into the picture.
It does exactly what it suggests. It takes care of your mind. As you get older, you sometimes experience some memory lapses, which is normal in a way. Instances like forgetting your keys or forgetting a name you are trying to remember sometimes can creep up without you knowing.

However, that’s not very serious. It gets serious if you suffer from glaring memory lapses. Don’t worry. There is hope in the form of a diet like the Mind Diet, and with a few lifestyle changes, you can fix your cognitive decline, improve your problem-solving skills, and more.

Don’t wait for your memory to slip to start addressing the root cause. Instead, start acting now to help your brain function better until you are 100 or more. The Mind Diet focuses on wholesome food while firmly eliminating the not-so-healthy food. The diet reduces oxidative damage and inflammation, hence improving brain and cellular function. The diet contains food rich in nutrients that prevents Alzheimer’s disease-causing beta-amyloid plaque formation.

Dark Leafy Greens and Other Veggies

Leafy green and wholesome veggies contain brain-protective compounds such as folate, phylloquinone, and lutein. Researchers say that just over one serving of leafy green veggies per day can enhance your brainpower.

The study shows that the people in this veggie-chomping group had the memory skills of someone 11 years younger than the group that skipped veggies regularly. It is also easy to include these foods in your diet. They are easily available and easy to toss up.

Just toss up your leafy greens, drizzle with cold-pressed oil olive oil, have some scrambled tofu or eggs on the side, and voila, you have the best brain-and health fortifying food on the planet.


Nuts are a powerhouse of anti-inflammatory fats and other brain-healthy nutrients that stall and even reverses brain aging. Several studies on nuts and their impact on women’s brain health reveal that women who ate the most nuts had the brains of someone two years younger. This is in comparison to those people preferring to stay away from nuts.

Nuts are a no-brainer when it comes to the perfect brain foods. Sprinkle them on your favorite food on your oatmeal, your morning smoothie, or your desserts, and you have just the right kind of brain-healthy food.

Beans and Legumes

Beans and legumes regularly feature in the list of foods promoting longevity. So, it is not very surprising to find them on this list too. While a lower intake can accelerate the cognitive decline process, the right amount can do just the opposite.

No wonder the Mind Diet asks you to have at least three servings of this powerful food into your diet. They are rich in protein, too. So, you can have them for your Taco Tuesdays Salads, or you can have them in the form of hummus. It is an easy yet tasty way to take care of your cognitive health.


If you ever need a fresh dose of antioxidants in the form of food, then crunch on some berries. Rich in flavonoids that promises better brain function, it also reduces cognitive impairment. Since they are so tasty, it is easy to add them to your smoothies, chia puddings, oatmeal, and more. Greek yogurt with a sprinkling of your favorite colorful berries and a sprinkling of nuts acts as a great dessert.

Whole Grains

Carbs in general and whole grains, in particular, is great fuel for your brain.  All the major diets, including the MIND, DASH, and Mediterranean diets, make whole grains a big part of the diets. Carbs or good carbs provide adequate glucose for the brain to function optimally.

Ensure you skip the refined stuff, such as white bread, and go for the whole-grain version, such as sourdough bread, rye bread, and more. Whole grain cereals include quinoa, oatmeal, millets, and more.

Ensure you add these foods to your diet to help your brain stay razor-sharp even when you are on the wrong side of the nineties. Let’s say it is time we made the nineties the new fifties with the Mind Diet!