Here’s How You Can Build a Workout Routine to Suit Your Mood

Hey, how are you doing? Well, that’s the first question people may ask you when they meet you, and you unthinkingly say, ‘I’m good, thank you.’ But are you? Every day you go through the morning drill in clockwork motion, but you don’t ask yourself this question often enough, how are you? It’s so important you see exactly how your body is feeling and how your mind is responding? We know for sure that your mood defines your day. Say you are feeling down in the dumps.

Would you feel like opting for a dance workout? No! Right? So, what should you do? Well, all you need to do is work out according to your moods! Does it sound insane? Well, when you are more in tune with your body and mind, you perform better! You are also just a workout away from a good mood, so maybe you just need to work out. So, here are some exercises to do when you are sad or happy, yes, something that caters to the entire spectrum of your mood!

High-Intensity Workouts for the Happy Days

There are days when excitement gets the better of you. For instance, if you have a job interview, a presentation, a date, and so on, you can’t keep calm! Well, channel that inner adrenaline rush and do something that challenges you, like hill sprints.

And on your not so exciting days, this may seem improbable, but not on the days you consider yourself to be full of beans. In other words, a high-intensity workout can help you reach your goals. This type of activity will align with your inner self.

Beat Anxiety With Yoga

Well, overwhelming anxiety on some days can kill you! You cannot concentrate. You just don’t know what to do with your nervous energy. Well, don’t worry, we have just the workout to match your anxious mood. Something like dancing or aerobics will encourage you to focus on the steps and halt your train of negative thoughts.

Sometimes your anxiety may get out of your hand, and then you may need something to calm your frazzled nerves. Yes, yoga helps in this case, and mindful breathing, but you seek more support, when anxiety is too much to endure. A panic attack amid a high-intensity workout can be dangerous, so always listen to that inner voice of yours, and if it gets too much, seek help!

Weightlifting to Beat the Blues

Exercises are antidepressants, without the side effects! Exercise helps you get over a crappy day. After a good workout, you invariably feel stronger and more resilient. Aerobic exercises, such as running and swimming, are handy in this case.

As you run or swim, those feel-good chemicals start playing in your mind nudging away those blues. We are also fond of weightlifting in this regard. Weight-lifting empowers you and helps you take on anything!

Channelize Your Emotions the Right Way

Too angry to workout? Ah, we feel you, but you can channel a harmful and destructive feeling like anger and turn it into something more positive. Okay, you may feel murderous, vicious, and just thunderous. And in most cases, counting ten breaths may not exactly calm you down. So this is the time when you should try, high-intensity interval training, boxing or kick-boxing, punch hard, and you may feel like your anger dissipating gradually.

You may even end up hugging that person who made you angry in the first place! Well, you never know! But, don’t make it a habit. Anger is not good for anybody so try managing your anger to stay healthy and happy!

Lazy lump? No longer!

It is hard to find the motivation to work out on most days. But it is time to change things. To get in the mood for a workout, play some music, buy some hot workout clothes. The thing is to find out if you are lazy, or is it something else?
You are tired and need a break! Well, find that out, and yes, if it’s been happening most days of the week, then it’s time to move your body and get going.

Don’t force yourself but also know when to push yourself! Yoga may be perfect for you on days like these. Stretch and strengthen and find out how your limbs feel! There are the perfect exercises to keep you going for each one of your rainbow moods! Try them and tell us whether it worked for you.