Here’s How You Can Make Your Own Cottage Style Garden in Five Easy Steps

A cottage garden is an easy, colorful garden that showcases a beautiful collection of herbs and flowers. It would be wonderful if you take baby steps in creating your garden. Starting small and adding more saplings as you go along is the best idea to achieve a healthy and beautiful garden. Use organic soil so you don’t have to water or fertilize your plants every day. This type of soil is rich in nutrients, so you will surely have blooming and healthy plants all-year-round. You will your plants bloom into healthy saplings.

One great thing about this garden is the plant density. This maintains the moisture and coolness of your roots while you prevent weeds from growing. Furthermore, the seeds naturally fall to the soil and a new crop will emerge in no time.

Prepare the Basics

person-holding-soilLike any gardener who prepares for his new garden, you should check the area if it receives ample sunlight. Identify if it’s too moist or too dry for your garden.

If the soil is not plant-friendly then you have to mix it with materials in order to condition it. This will turn it into better soil for your garden. It is essential that you provide the basic needs of your plants for survival and in return, you will have a healthy and colorful garden.

Frame it Up!

Borders are important for your garden. It improves the look of your garden and you can be creative about it. You can use picket fences to outline the boundaries of your cottage-style garden. You can also use stones, bricks or concrete to enhance the landscape of your garden. There are no rules in gardening so you can do things which seem right for your garden.

Choose the Plants You Love

cottage gardenThis is the best part of making your garden. Perennials are the best choice but you can also incorporate it with bright-colored annuals. You just have to know how to pair them up in your garden. Since annuals die after a year, it is important that perennials take over while you are preparing to replace the annuals; and why they should sit side by side.

Choose plants that you love and arrange them so each one can receive sunlight. You can organize them in one color or pair them up with complementary colors. Make sure that your chosen colors complement your house, this is a very important factor to consider. Planning it well will improve the look of your overall property.

Water Your Plants

A timed drip hose is practical for your garden. This is to ensure that they get the water and moisture they need. Through a drip hose, water can easily be accessed by the roots. You can find cheap timers at local garden stores. Setting the time will keep your garden watered every day. A cottage garden needs less water than the traditional garden. Your garden won’t need it until summer comes or when the driest part of the season comes.

Add Mulch for Finishing Touches

home gardenThe great thing about mulch is that they hold moisture and press down the weeds. It is like your finishing touches to your garden that makes it complete. Make sure to use organic mulch such as bark or leaf mold and then you can use other nutrients. Much will break down in time and give your soil the nutrients it needs so it is important to have it in your garden.

One should have knowledge about plants in order to create a healthy growing garden for years to come. You should do a thorough research of all the plants that will thrive well in your area. Study about the care, soil or condition they need. Some plants can survive without much attention from you but some would need proper trimming or watering every day. It is important to know these things.

Gardening does not only bring beauty to your property but also makes you feel relaxed every time you see your flowers bloom. Starting your own cottage style garden is also a great form of exercise and this could be a habit that you will surely love. Gardening is definitely a great idea for it brings color to your property and can also relieve stress from your life. I mean, when stressed, just look at those flowers!