Gearing Up For Winter: Home Maintenance Projects For The Fall


As the temperature slowly drops, it’s a good reminder to make a list of household projects you should start and complete before winter sets in. Namely around your home, as indoor projects are something that can be done in the winter. So what projects should you think about completing in the fall? According to household experts, there are 5 major musts to do during the autumn season.

  1. Inspect your roof

Jarryd Elliott of SJ Build says, “Inspecting your roof before winter hits is a really good idea. There may be missing shingles or roof damage you weren’t aware of, but will become noticeable after the first snowfall. I recommend inspecting your roof, or hiring a professional to ensure everything looks good. This will help to give you peace of mind, and allow you to fix any issues before it gets too cold to be outside. 

If you leave your roof with missing shingles, you are allowing water damage to occur. If cna cause leaks in your roof which are much more costly to repair. It’s much more costly and less stressful to replace a few shingles than it is to deal with extensive water damage throughout your home.”

  1. Clear and secure your eavestroughs

In addition to inspecting your roof, Elliott also suggests checking over your eavestroughs at the same time. “Before winter, it’s helpful to look at your eavestroughs to ensure they are working as intended. Any blockage could lead to a buildup of water and it could also lead to water damage in your home.

Always clear away any debris from your eavestroughs to ensure proper water drainage. It’s also a good idea to inspect them for any dents or holes as this will affect the flow of water. If you find any damage that affects their function, you might need to patch them up, or replace them depending on the level of damage. If not, you could run the risk of water seeping into your home from rain and snow.”

  1. Repair any walkway cracks

In the summer, walkway cracks might not seem like a big issue because the hot temperature actually causes pavement to expand. However, during colder months the pavement and concrete contract, which leads to small cracks becoming a big problem. They can become bigger over the winter which leaves you with a problem come the spring and summer. 

It’s best to repair these walkway cracks in the fall so you can ensure they won’t become a bigger issue once the snow melts. You can easily repair these cracks yourself with some concrete filler. 

  1. Prepare outdoor furniture

“Your outdoor furniture should also be taken into consideration when it comes to home maintenance in the fall”, says Ben Harvey of Patio Productions. “If you don’t have extra storage space to house your patio furniture, then you need to ensure you are protecting it from the winter weather. 

Sealing your wood and metal furniture with a sealing spray is the first line of defense as this will help to protect against UV rays and water. I also suggest buying a tarp or furniture covers to help protect them even further. This will also help to keep your outdoor cushions safe and secure as they won’t blow away.”  

  1. Aerate your lawn!

According to Johannes Hock of Artificial Grass Pros, aerating your lawn is also a must in the fall. “Aerating helps your lawn to grow back more luscious and thick come spring time. I recommend doing this in October to prepare your lawn for the winter. It helps to relieve any pressure caused by impacted soil, which enhances the growth of your grass.

Aeration helps your lawn recuperate from the summer and helps it to be ready once the snow melts. It will come back in better shape which means less work for you in the spring.”