6 Home Studio Essentials That Beginners Should Start With 

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Building a home recording studio can be a huge project, particularly for beginners who take the step just out of passion. A great deal of research, planning and preparation goes into knowing about the aspects like choosing the right room and equipment. Furthermore, you need to ensure that they are installed properly and placed in the right way as well. The best approach is to start with the basics and step up later. First things first, beginners need to understand the basic essentials needed for establishing a studio. Here is a list that can guide you.  

1. A Computer

A computer is perhaps the costliest equipment that you will require as a first-timer. Probably, this is something that everyone owns today and you can actually start with the one you have and upgrade later on. Just make sure that you get as much RAM for your computer as you can before you start. 

2. A Digital Audio Workstation/Audio Interface

Next, you would require a DAW along with an Audio Interface. While a DAW is the software that records, edits and mixes music on the computer, the Audio Interface refers to the hardware that connects the computer with the rest of the equipment. Together, they form the core of your recording studio.   

3. Studio Monitors 

A pair of Studio Monitors is what you would need next. They differ from the conventional consumer speakers in the respect that they come with tonal enhancements that enable a flatter frequency response for a neutral sound. You can check out https://prostudiogear.com/edifier-r1280t-powered-bookshelf-speakers-review/ if you are looking for quality equipment to start with. 

4. Headphones 

As a beginner, you will probably be using the home recording studio by yourself and a single pair of headphones would be enough. For studio artists, there are two standard designs meant for specific purposes. The closed back headphones are used for tracking while the open back headphones are used for mixing. For starters, closed back headphones are a necessity while you can still do without the open back option.

5. Microphones 

You can browse prostudiogear.com to know more about basic studio equipment such as studio monitors as a beginner. As you become more experienced, you can add more. The same applies for microphones. To begin with, a microphone or two would be enough as the basic essentials for your recording studio and you can add more with time. Gradually, you can pick some that are meant for specific purposes or amass a bigger collection if you have more musicians joining you for the recordings.  

6. Vocal Booth 

A Vocal Booth makes a good investment if your room is not completely soundproof. If you have decided to work in an untreated room to begin with, it helps you ensure that your voice comes clearer and crisper despite the unwanted sounds and reverberations in the studio. Look for one that attaches to your microphone stand.  

It is best to gather facts and read reviews before investing in the gear because you would definitely want ones that give you great results without spending a fortune. Also, buying quality equipment ensures that you have the best essentials for the long run.  


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