How Decluttering Can Make Your Life Better!

Life can be hard. Most, if not all, of us have to work hard, pay bills, and take care of responsibilities. With how stressful life can be at times, we tend to become uninspired or even negative. But there’s one good way to change our perspective, and turn our life around. We’re talking about decluttering.

With the popularity of Marie Kondo (have you watched her show on Netflix?), many felt inspired — motivated even — to declutter. But we don’t need to be an expert in the KonMari method to declutter; it’s just that we get caught up with our busy and stressful life that we tend to forget that it’s a basic task that we all know how to do.

Decluttering can change your life for the better. It may go unnoticed at the start, but as each day passes by, you’ll become aware of the positive changes in your life. Here are ways decluttering can make your life better:

Provides You a Safe, Clean, and Tidy Space

living roomDecluttering is important, especially for people living with children. Getting rid of clutter eliminates risks of falls and other home accidents. You also avoid slip-ups with toxic chemicals. A clean home is free of dirt, dust, and other particles that may cause health problems. A clutter-free space also promotes comfort and relaxation.

Saves You Time and Money

Have you ever had one of those moments where you need to rush to the grocery store to buy a new pair of scissors because you couldn’t find your old one? By decluttering, you won’t have to buy replacements for lost items that are just hidden beneath a stack of clutter. Another is when your service gets cut off because you forgot to pay the bill because you couldn’t remember where you stashed (more like threw) it.

It’s also much easier to find things you’re looking for. No one enjoys finding a needle in a haystack, and that’s what it would feel like if your space is cluttered. As you go over your stuff, you may also find items that are in mint condition. You can hold a garage sale for these items. You could make money from what would’ve been trash. Imagine that!

Can Help Save the Planet

newspapersWhen you declutter, you also find stuff that can be reused and recycled. You can get rid of those bottles or the stack of newspapers and magazines that are stored in your basement and bring them to the nearest recycling shop.

Freeing your home from the clutter in a way helps you do your part in preserving Mother Nature. On another note, by having an organized home, you are in control of what you own. This will significantly reduce your trash which will only be thrown in the landfill anyway which is harmful to the environment.

Lets You Give to Others

Your old sweaters and jackets can still warm the less fortunate, and another family can surely use that old lamp to light their house up at night. Decluttering can be a good opportunity to share with other people. After all, there are things that you don’t need anymore. There are lots of charitable institutions that you can donate your old stuff to.

Inspires and Motivates You

tidy roomDecluttering isn’t just keeping your space clean and tidy. It also lets you take control of your life. By being clutter-free, you remove anything unwanted or not needed. And you can apply to declutter not just on your space but even in your life.

You can get rid of the things that weigh you down, clear the negative thoughts and worries, and have a mind that only fosters positivity. Doing this will keep your temper and mood better, and your hope high.  You will become inspired and motivated to keep a positive outlook on all aspects of your life.

Decluttering is a satisfying experience all in all. As you look at a crowded and chaotic room turn into a clean and tidy one, your mind will also be free from confusion and distraction and lets you focus on important things. Decluttering doesn’t just get rid of physical things; it also makes you let go of unnecessary things that are intangible.