How Important is Nutrition?

Nutrition has an extensive definition in the science world. It’s like the fuel for our body’s engine to make it function. But to simplify, it is how our body absorbs the nutrients we get from daily food, which provides us with a wide range of health benefits. Our body needs a daily dose of nourishment to support us against external elements such as viruses and bacteria, as this may cause certain illnesses.

Get to Know the Nutrients You Need

breakfast-foodIt is not always necessary that just because you’ve filled up your tummy, you get the nutrients you need. We know that some of the nutrients do not quickly reproduce or produced by our bodies. This is why sometimes we have food cravings out of the blue. To ensure we have proper nutrition, we need to know the benefits of the food we eat.

Good nutrition will support what our body needs. The macronutrients and micronutrients are the two categories of nutrients. Macronutrients are made of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, which can be found mostly in our daily meals. It is the source of our body’s energy, so it’s better to plan a balanced level of those. Micronutrients, on the other hand, are the vitamins and minerals which can either be fat-soluble (Vitamin A, D, E, and K) or water-soluble (Vitamin C and B-complex).

To easily remember everything, your plate partition should have a large portion of macro and enough amount of micro. Here are the reasons why nutrition is important:

Boosts Your Energy and Mood

Good nutrition enhances your overall being. A study has shown that two out of three people who regularly include a balanced level of fruits and vegetables in their meals have lesser chances of getting mental health issues compared to those who opt to eat unhealthy foods. A good level of nutrition helps you to stay active and feel happier.

Ask any person who engages in a regular physical exercise about their daily food habit. They will tell you that they highly consume foods that have proper nutrition because physically active people are also the people who mostly have good moods. And having good moods can also affect our food choices. The common reason is that we tend to choose healthy food when we feel good about ourselves and bad food choices when we are feeling (even a little bit) down. You know it when we say, “comfort foods.”

Gives Your Skin a Natural Glow

glowing skin beautiful girlFeeding your body with good nutrition is also feeding your skin with it. A lot of researchers agree that a good source of nutrients you get from food, especially those that are high in Vitamin C, E and antioxidants gives you a healthy glowing skin. Those nutrients help your skin to build collagen that delays the effects of skin aging or even premature aging. It gives you soft and firmer skin as it also helps to regenerate new skin. Get those benefits from eating tomatoes, various berries, avocados, and some nuts.

Helps to Increase Your Life Span

Obesity is a primary health issue caused by unhealthy eating habits. This abnormal weight gain can be a ripple effect to certain illnesses such as diabetes, kidney failure, hypertension, bone density, and a lot more. According to disease prevention professionals, there is an increasing number of chronic diseases carried by younger ages due to unhealthy eating. Lack of proper nutrition at a young age can adversely affect you in your adulthood. If not corrected, it may become their habit. To prevent this, it is essential to engage your family in a lifestyle of good nutrition in your meals.

Spares You from Expensive Medical Bills

hospital bedWithout a doubt, health is wealth. Your finance is as important as your health. You wouldn’t want to spend your savings for hospitals and medications, would you? Instead, spend it wisely on nutritious food and enjoy its unlimited health benefits.

According to some studies, good nutrition can prevent an estimated $70 billion per annum medical costs in chronic diseases. That’s a lot of money spent on treating those ailments, which you can avoid easily. Indeed, prevention is way better than cure. Eating nutritious food can boosts your immune system, which helps you prevent diseases and infections. In short, you can bid goodbye to immunodeficiency due to improper nutrition.

You cannot cheat with good nutrition. No alternative can sustain a body in achieving its needed nourishment. Proper nutrition is key to making sure that you supply your body with the healthy fuel it needs to function properly.