How much is “Back to 15” star Maisa Silva net worth? height, boyfriend, dating

Maisa Silva, a young and well-known Brazilian actress and presenter, has a unique ability to captivate and influence her audience. Before she became well-known in the media profession, this Gemini presenter started her career as a presenter in 2007. She rose to prominence after presenting the children’s television show Bom Dia & Cia since she was six years old, and for portraying Valéria Ferreira in the Carrossel franchise, which included a telenovela and two films. She started playing Anita in the Netflix teen drama series Back to 15 in 2022. Maisa Silva net worth, height, boyfriend, dating, and other information can be found below.

Maisa Silva net worth: earnings, awards, contract

Making use of these estimates, and looking at Maisa Silva’s follower base of 17.56 million, we can predict Maisa Silva has a net worth of 961.22 thousand, generated by using TikTok on its own. That’s just an average estimation though. The real value could be above 1.6 million.

In that year, Maisa signed a contract with SBT, a Brazilian TV station. As a consequence, she then appeared on a children’s TV show, Sábado Animado  (2007) as a presenter. One year later, she became a presenter again for another TV show which was dedicate to children, Domingo Animado (2008). During that year, Maisa was successfully invite to Programa Silvia Santos , a program with presenter Silvia Santos, the icon of Brazilian television.

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Later, she gained a lot of popularity and recognition from the media and successfully became one of the leading artists of the network. Several years later, in 2017, she became a presenter for her very own program, Programa da Maisa (2017). Three years later, in 2019, after spending 13 years signing and working with SBT, she decided to terminate her contract and work for Netflix Brazil.

Maisa Silva earns an estimated $15.8 thousand a month from social media(Tiktok)


Maisa Silva has a TikTok followers of 17.56 million people and has 631 videos. Silva could make an average of 17.56 thousand dollars every post if she sold a shoutout. Maisa channel could earn $15.8 thousand per month if she sold one shoutout per day. If we consider the annual potential, this may result in an annual income of $192.24 thousand.


pós praia com elas ♡

♬ Sei Que Tu Gosta Muito – L7NNON & DJ Biel do Furduncinho

For an TikTok influencer with a high interaction rate, the absolute income may be as high as $1.6 million per month. That’s because higher engagement accounts have the ability to call for higher prices. If a brand purchases a shoutout on a low-engagement account, they may possibly see a lower return on their advertising investment. But if a brand buys a shoutout on a high engagement profile, they could see a lot more clicks and purchases than other profiles with comparable followings. That’s why engagement is such an important component of an TikTok profile. Fewer, more engaged followers bring in a lot more than more, inactive fans.

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Maisa Silva boyfriend: Is she dating anyone?

Maisa and Nicholas took on the fan relationship in 2018. The announcement came through Maisa social media, who posted a photo with her current boyfriend. At that moment, Maisa explained details about how she met the boy and started the relationship. According to the actress, they met on social media and met in person after 3 months. The appointment request came from Nicholas, who took advantage of the fact that the actress had returned to Rio de Janeiro for a day.

Maisa says that at that time, the two were going to a party and the boy surprised her by giving her a bouquet. She says she was trapped when she receive the gift and was unable to speak after her friend’s request to leave. The couple still hid their courtship for some time, arriving to publicly announce the start of the relationship only after three months. As Maisa Silva herself explains, many Internet users, until today, were unaware of their relationship with Nicholas Arashiro.

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Who are the parents of the Brazilian actress Silva? Wiki, height


Maisa da Silva Andrade, a Brazilian actress and presenter, is 20 years old. She was dubbed a “prodigy girl” and “the girl in Silvio Santos’ eyes” by the Brazilian press.

Maisa was raised in the city of So José dos Campos by her mother Gislaine de Souza Silva Andrade and her father Celso de Arajo Andrade, a telephone technician. She begged her mother to let her perform on television when she was three years old, and in July 2005, her mother began taking her to television producers. 

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She stands 1.61 meters tall & her weight is 51 kg (112 lbs), and her body measurements are 35-24-33 In. Her hair is light brown (long) and she has brown eyes. Maisa has a slim build.