How to Create an Excellent Hair Maintenance

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Want your hair to look extremely good? Learn how to develop proper hair care habits and provide your mane with the best maintenance.

1. Wash less frequently

Excessively frequent washing is the most common mistake among men, which is caused by obsessive desire to keep hair clean. Over-washing deprives your hair of natural moisture, making your scalp produce even more oil! The best NYC barbers recommend shampooing your hair every other day.

2. Don’t ditch conditioner

If you want to develop a great hair maintenance, you should never ditch your conditioner. This product is the richest source of nourishment and hydration, which your hair needs very much. Condition every time you shampoo to provide your hair with these blessings!

3. Take care of your ends

According to the best NYC barbers, ends are the weakest part of your hair; therefore, they require extremely careful attention. Damage from our ends can travel farther and cause more severe hair problems. You should maintain your ends regularly (every other month) to prevent serious problems.

4. Invest in good quality

You should treat your hair only with the best products. Low-quality hair products contain harmful ingredients such as rough chemicals, drying alcohols, harsh detergents, etc. These elements can cause terrible hair damage, which is very difficult to restore.

5. Keep temperature down

Heat is your enemy because it can change your hair in incredible ways and cause serious problems at the same time. Frequent exposure to heat is the main cause of heat damage, which is a catastrophe! You should minimize the usage of heated tools and provide your hair with strong thermal protection when styling with heat.

Follow these simple rules and be gorgeous!