How to Make Your Child More Physically Active? Here Are Tips and Tricks that Actually Works!

​​​​​The kind of sedentary lifestyle we are leading, physical activities have gone down to an all-time low. It’s not only adults who are sedentary nowadays but thanks or no thanks to online school sessions and obsession with gadgets and gizmos. In fact, nowadays very few kids get their recommended dose of 60 minutes of physical activity each day.

Taking part of physical activities not only makes kids cut down the risk of obesity but also makes them mentally sharper, you can even see that their grades in school increasing. More physical activity can help maintain a low body mass index, reduce diabetes risk and lower blood pressure levels besides avoiding heart disease later in life. Also, with more physical activity children can fall asleep much faster and get a good night’s sleep. More physical activity also means reducing anxiety, tension and depression. But the only point is where to begin? Children learn from their parents not by listening to them but looking at them, so parents have to set a great example before them. Here are some of the ways that you can get your little one to exercise more.

Include More Fun Activities

Children are much more likely to stick to activities they like. So, ensure, you include fun activities into their daily lives to keep things interesting. Ensure the entire family is involved. This way the child will find it more interesting and look forward to it. Whether it is a game or fun outdoor activities, may be a run, or fun drills. Plan it ahead and mix things up. Make an entire week’s routine so this will make the entire exercise more interesting. Say Wednesdays are for kickboxing, Thursdays are for cycling and so on and so forth.

Make Exercise a Non-Negotiable Activity

Children often find activities boring after a while, they may find excuses to not exercise and indulge in other activities, say watching a TV show or something. If they keep making excuses you’ll know they are losing interest. So, make it a rule and tell your child ‘You have to exercise almost like you brush your teeth everyday.’

They may start giving a grumpy look or try various tactics to get out of the way, but do not fall for the trap. Maintain a routine and stick to it. With time they will fall into a routine and even come to like to so much that when they miss their workouts they may feel they are missing something.

You Are Their Perfect Role Model

If you are someone who likes to laze and watch television, can you imagine what your child will follow? Of cource they are going to do exactly as you do. Instead maintain a routine. Go to bed early, wake up early and exercise the first thing in the morning, have a healthy breakfast then go about your day. They will learn that since their parents follow a certain routine, they need to follow it as well.

Even if it is a holiday don’t let them sleep for late hours, a disciplined childhood will mean they will be disciplined as adults as well. Plant the seed of discipline right when they are young. The will maintain it like a lifestyle. Take them to soccer games or basketball games, tennis games or so and ensure they start participating, even if it means participating in a small neighborhood game. This will grow their interest in games and physical activities.

Reduce Screen Time

Always, try and set rules for your children and lower their screen time, that includes TV, videos, video ganes, computers each day. Ensure they do not overdo on their screen time, as they not only watch more telivision and stuff like that, they may also start binge eating as they watch something. Instead set their routines in a way that they include a lot of activities not only exercises such as music lessons, homework and other planned activities.

Also, even, if your child is very active, do not overdo activity. The child may start feeling overwhelmed, so remember even if they enjoy physical activities, do it in moderation. As too much of exercises can interfere with their regular activities. So, these are some of the ways that you can increase your child’s physical activities. The more physically active, the child is, the healthier he/she will be and hence happier!