How to Make Your Coffee Healthier? Here are Some Tips to Follow!

While most of us cannot do without our cup of joe and feel guilty about it, there’s hope! Coffee isn’t that bad for you, provided of course you don’t overdo to get that caffeine high. In fact, if you have it the right way, it can even make you healthier and offer many benefits for you.

Right from boosting your liver health, to give your body a healthy dose of antioxidants, coffee can do it all. Yes, coffee is great for your health so cut the guilt and start consuming it the healthy way. Here are some easy hacks to make your coffee more nutritious than it already is.

Have it Without the Sugar or Even the Artificial Sweetener

We don’t need that extra lump of sugar in our coffee. Imagine the amount of sugar you may end up having with just drinking several cups of coffee a day. Also, the latest research shows, sugar is inflammatory, and having too much of it can lead to insulin resistance and gradually may even lead to blood sugar imbalances.

That being said, too much artificial sweetener is bad news for health, especially your gut health, so stick to something plant-based as stevia or monk fruit sweetener. Believe us, you may not even stop missing sweetness in your coffee once you get used to it!

Don’t Have it Post 4 Pm

Well, we know, most people have it around 4 pm to curb their hunger or to combat the afternoon slump, but we shouldn’t have something as stimulating as coffee after 4 pm as then it may even affect your sleep.

However, not everyone is sensitive to caffeine, there are people who may drink coffee right before hitting the snooze button and have a restful night, minus the jitters.

But then, there are people who are overly sensitive to caffeine and may feel tired and wired with too much caffeine post 4 pm and find it difficult to sleep. Understand your body and respond to it accordingly.

Avoid Coffee Creamers

We understand coffee creamers give your coffee an irresistible creamy texture, however, they also add a whole lot of unnecessary calories. Cut the extra creamers and settle for full-fat milk. Milk has several benefits and it may be great for your bones. So, remove the artificial stuff from your coffee, and instead of masking the healthful aspects of coffee with something artificial and unhealthy, ensure you have it with a healthy source of milk, from grass-fed cows.

You can try nut milk too. Coconut milk tastes great with your coffee, however, it may have a higher fat content, so, ensure you do not make it a regular affair. Then there is almond milk, cashew milk, and oat milk. Find out what suits you and do it in moderation.

Add Cinnamon

Cinnamon lends the perfect sweetness to your coffee without adding any sweetener and cinnamon has a great many benefits for your health which you just can’t ignore.

Cinnamon can lower your blood sugar, triglycerides, and cholesterol levels, especially in a diabetic. So, remember to sprinkle some into your cup, every time you have a cuppa.

However, choose the Ceylon variety as it is the most effective for your health and just a dash to it can not only boost the flavor but also boost your health.

Add Some Robust Flavor to Your Coffee

For the extra punch of antioxidants, add your favorite cacao powder or cocoa to your coffee. Believe us, you’ll love the flavor. When you are having your coffee in a Barista, you can try the cafe mocha, however, it may be laced with sugar, so always ensure you avoid the sugar-laden beverage.

If you are making it at home, you can always make your coffee more chocolatey. The extra dose of cocoa can also do a world of good to your heart health.

So, there you are if you cannot do without your favorite beverage, don’t quit it, instead make it healthier. There are multiple ways you can make your cup of joe, your cup of joy with these healthy hacks. Also, many people add butter or MCT oils to their cups, we leave it to you to decide whether you stick to it. Since that extra dose of healthy fat can impair your diet plan as it is only suitable for very low carb diets. So, enjoy your cuppa and have it the right way!