How to override the save method in the Python Django ModelForm?

To override the save method in the Python Django ModelForm, we add the save method into our model form class.

For instance, we write

def copy_model_instance(obj):  
    initial = dict([(, getattr(obj, for f in obj._meta.fields if not isinstance(f, AutoField) and not f in obj._meta.parents.values()])  
    return obj.__class__(**initial)  

class CallResultTypeForm(ModelForm):
    callResult = ModelMultipleChoiceField(queryset=CallResult.objects.all())
    campaign = ModelMultipleChoiceField(queryset=Campaign.objects.all())
    callType = ModelMultipleChoiceField(queryset=CallType.objects.all())

    def save(self, commit=True, *args, **kwargs):
        m = super(CallResultTypeForm, self).save(commit=False, *args, **kwargs)
        results = []
        for cr in self.callResult:
            for c in self.campain:
                for ct in self.callType:
                    m_new = copy_model_instance(m)
                    m_new.callResult = cr
                    m_new.campaign = c
                    m_new.calltype = ct
                    if commit:
         return results

to create the CallResultTypeForm that has its own save method.

In it, we call the parent class’ instance save method.

And then we loop through the values in callResult to set them in the new m_new object.

And then we return the results after we call save.