How Walt Disney’s Housekeeper Became A Multi-Millionaire

Thelma Pearl Howard was a housekeeper for Walt Disney and his family for over twenty-five years. Despite her humble profession, this unassuming woman secretly and quietly became a multi-millionaire.

How did she do it?

She managed to accumulate wealth through frugal living, wise investments, and a fortuitous inheritance.

Karolina Grabowska/Pexels | Want to accumulate wealth? Follow Thelma Pearl’s footsteps.

Early Career

Thelma Pearl Howard began her career as a housekeeper in 1962 when the Disneys moved to California. Over the next twenty-five years, Thelma worked tirelessly to keep the household running smoothly while also caring for the family’s children. She worked long hours and diligently saved her money, carefully investing it in stocks and real estate without drawing attention to herself.

As time went on, Thelma’s investments began paying off and she eventually built up an impressive portfolio of assets that included several homes in Los Angeles, several businesses, bonds, stocks, cash deposits in banks around the world, and other investments.

Pixabay/Pexels | Taking the right investment decisions at the right time is the key

She Kept Everything A Secret!

What is even more remarkable about Thelma Pearl Howard’s story is that she was able to keep her financial success secret from the Disney family until after her death. Although she retired from working for the Disneys in 1987, her dedication to keeping her wealth hidden remained strong until after her passing in 2003 at 95 years old.

By 2007 it was revealed that Thelma had left behind an approximate net worth of $10 million dollars; a truly astounding figure considering how little she earned throughout her life as a housekeeper for Walt Disney and his family.

After Thelma’s Death

As news of Thelma Pearl Howard’s untimely death began spreading throughout Hollywood circles there were many who wondered what kind of investment strategy had allowed such an average woman with such meager income to amass such substantial wealth so quickly? It turns out Thelma made use of a few basic principles: frugal living habits combined with wise investment decisions.

Her experience working under Walt Disney and his family likely gave her insight into how they handled their own finances which undoubtedly inspired some of Thelma’s own strategies; particularly when it came time to invest any extra capital she acquired over the years.

Expect Best/Pexels | Thelma kept her wealth a secret

To Wrap It Up 

The story of Thelma Pearl Howard stands as an inspiration to those who wish to achieve financial success but lack either the means or knowledge necessary to do so successfully on their own terms. For those looking for guidance on how best to manage their money or invest wisely, there are plenty of resources available today that can help point them in the right direction much like Thelma did back in 1962 all those years ago when she first started working for Walt Disney’s family – though not everyone will have access to insider information about one of Hollywood’s most famous families! Regardless though it is clear that with dedication and determination, anyone can turn their dreams into reality regardless of where they come from or what profession they may be currently employed at – as evidenced by Thelma’s incredible story!