Indoor Playground Games and Events for Kids in Singapore

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Let your kids dance, create, move, and have a blast!

Singapore kids always fancy playing at outdoor areas. But, when the outdoors are not conducive, indoor playground Singapore arenas offer excellent alternatives to let your kids enjoy their playtime.

Here are a couple of easy activities your child can engage in either on a regular day, on their birthdays or other special occasions.

Indoor Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses are perfect games to have the children practice their gross motor skills. The Cool De Sac indoor playground in Singapore, for example, has an excellent arena for obstacle games including slides and tunnels that will engage your child in running, jumping and hopping activities. This playground also has tree houses for the kids to climb. The Tayo Station has an expansive play area featuring a mini road circuit a toy store and sensory play space for all kids.

Copy Dancing

Have your kids engage in dance parties! Indoor playgrounds like The Artground and Playeum’s Children’s center of creativity have playground areas dedicated for toddlers and little kids to practice their dance moves and sing along to their favorite kiddies’ songs.

Arts and Crafts

Whether it is making stuffed animals, creating collages, playing with building blocks or drawing self-portraits, indoor playground Singapore spaces provide all the materials and items needed for art and craft activities. Your child is taken through interactive lessons by professional childcare experts who ensure that the kids have an excellent learning experience — some indoor playground arenas you can check out include; Cool De Sac, The Artground, Pororo Park and the Polliwogs.


Events You Can Hold At Indoor Playground Singapore Arena

Aside from regular playtime, you can get creative in activities for kids by hosting them at the playgrounds. Some of the events suitable for such environment include:

Birthday Parties

What more impressive than holding your kid’s birthday party at an indoor playground? Most playgrounds have Private rooms for parties so you can book the room for the ceremony and let the kids engage in fun games around the facility. Also, themed birthday parties are popular in indoor playground spaces especially since most of the facilities have available props and materials. Kids can play dress up and be creative in their costumes for the party.

Halloween Party

Speaking of costumes, holding Halloween parties at indoor playgrounds in Singapore is also a great idea. Amazonia, for example, would make the perfect place to have a kid-friendly scary Halloween party since it has a jungle-like theme with glow-in-the-dark play areas.

Charity Events

Indoor playgrounds also make up for great kids charity events facilities. Most of the playgrounds have areas for refreshments and lounging so the main events can be held there while the playground is used for games and interactive activities to raise money to the cause. You can play competitive games like climbing maze tunnels, obstacles, shooting basketball hoops or playing golf at the Amazonia with the losers donating money to charity.

All in all, there are amazing in play areas in Singapore offering all type of games for kids and well as excellent facilities for holding events.

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