Japanese Fashioner designer Issey Miyake net worth, causes of death, wife

Issey Miyake was a Japanese fashion designer. He is known for his technology-driven clothing designs, exhibitions and fragrances, such as L’eau d’Issey, which has become his best-known product. Popular Japanese fashion designer passed away on August 5th, 2022. Scroll down for more detail about Issey Miyake net worth, causes of death, and wife.

Issey Miyake net worth at the time of his death

At the time of Issey Miyake’s death, he had an estimated net worth of $85 million. He was one of the richest fashion designers. Issey was an iconic fashion designer with his expertise in traditional and modern techniques. The renowned name in the fashion world devoted all his life to his perfume and innovative styles. He was entitled to Japan’s economic and fashion prowess in the 1980s and is the founder of Japan’s first design museum, 21 21 Design Sight.

 Issey gained a lot of fame and earned a hefty amount of money. His earnings clearly demonstrate how accomplished his career was prior to his death.

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Issey Miyake causes of death


Popular Japanese fashion designer and prince of pleats passed away at the age of 84 years old. Miyake had been struggling with cancer. Issey Miyake died sadly from liver cancer. His death was announced on August 5th, 2022.

Who Is Issey Miyake’s Wife?

Popular Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake never revealed any details about his wife. Issey Miyake was a married man but he kept issues and matters about his marriage private and away from the media.