4 Tips For Getting The Best Accommodation in Las Vegas

Visiting Las Vegas is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people. Las Vegas is known for its quintessential casinos and lavish lifestyle. It is no surprise that more than 42 million people visited Las Vegas in 2019. Many people choose to stay West of The Strip area as significant casinos, restaurants, and performance centers are in that part of Las Vegas. 

If you want to find accommodation in Las Vegas, here are four tips for getting the best accommodation.

1. Compare the rates

Price aggregator sites have a vast database of numerous hotels in Las Vegas. You can use different search filters to narrow down your search. They also have options to compare the prices of other hotels, so you can find the hotel that fits your budget. 

Many hotels also run various discount campaigns, so keep an eye out for them. Many people visit Las Vegas on weekends when the hotel prices are high. But if you plan your trips during midweek, you will get lower prices than on weekends. 

The hotel’s location also plays a vital role in the hotel room prices. For example, all the upscale casino hotels are located West of the Strip. That means the prices of hotel rooms in this part of Las Vegas can be higher than in other parts of Las Vegas. 

2. Book online

Booking a hotel room online has many benefits, and lower prices are one. When you book online, you can choose from an extended range of hotels in a particular area, which is impossible when you plan to book offline with a travel agent or manually go to each hotel. 

Can you imagine the time and energy you will need to visit each hotel and ask for available rooms? On the other hand, you can book your hotel online within a few minutes.

3. Check for hidden charges

Many hotels levy different hidden charges for pool or gym access, laundry service, Wifi, mini-bar, parking, early check-in fee, etc. Often, the customers are made to pay for services they did not use, and they usually do not even mention that in the bill. 

So, before you pay the booking amount, make sure you double-check to make sure that there are no hidden charges. 

4. Check for discount offers on social media

Many hotels have a solid social media presence on popular social networking sites. Hotels run promotional offers for their followers and potential customers on their pages. 

So, you can check the official social media pages of the hotels and check whether they have any upcoming discount offers during your trip. They often have special promo codes especially made for their social media followers. You can use them to get additional discounts on your bookings. Hotels also partner with other businesses like airlines, so you can get discounts on your air ticket bookings if you are lucky.

Las Vegas is undoubtedly a paradise for many, but a trip to Vegas can be quite expensive. So, try to book your hotel in advance so you can enjoy your time in Las Vegas without any difficulties.