How to Layer Like a Boss for Winter


Winter chill is always best avoided if you want to stay happy and healthy throughout the whole of the season. Layering really is the key to looking good and keeping warm no matter where it is in the world that you’re enduring chilly weather. No matter how cosy an item of clothing it might be, it’s going to be increased by tenfold with just one layer on top of it! If you’re late to the layering party and you’re not quite sure where to start, you’ve come to the right spot! Here’s how to layer like a style boss this winter…

Choose the right materials 

First things first, you need to take a look at the materials that you’re shopping for. By investing in high quality, eco-friendly fashion, you’ll find that you not only get so much more wear out of your clothing, but you’ll also have it in your wardrobe for so many years to come. Cheaper materials aren’t good for your skin, the environment or for keeping you at all warm. Skip the skimpy fabrics and instead opt for cashmere, wool and organic cotton. Layering these materials will keep you amazingly toasty and comfortable all winter long.

When in doubt, go light 

If you have some hesitations with the concept of piling a tonne of heavy, chunky layers on yourself every day of winter, don’t worry! Layering actually works best when you use lighter weight, thin knit pieces. That way, you can always shed a few articles when you’re chilling in some winter sun or if you head indoors for your working day. The materials listed above are all perfect for light layering as they’re insulating without being clunky or heavy. 

Make your life easy 

Remember that you want to still feel as comfortable as you would be in your usual get ups! For those times when you want to shed a couple of layers, you don’t want to have to work up a sweat wrestling your way out of an itchy jumper. Try and stick to tactile materials that either fit true to size or slightly oversized. That way, they’ll be room for layers underneath and they won’t bulk up your overall silhouette when you sling your last layer over the top of your outfit. Keep movement and functionality in mind when you’re shopping and you won’t go too far wrong. 

Keep it breathable 

Make sure that your skin is still able to breath! You do not want to be totally trapped underneath all those layers, your skin and your sweat levels are not going to thank you for it. You can keep it lovely and breathable by shopping for well made clothing that’s in looser weave knits. Opting for natural materials instead of fabrics like viscose and polyester will make you feel far more comfortable and warm without overheating. If you really want to keep it breathable and mobile, look for a cashmere poncho or a snood. 

Don’t forget about your accessories 

Don’t forget that the right accessories can be the difference between freezing in the winter wind and having a great day no matter what season it is! Search for cashmere socks, leather gloves, a knitted beanie and a heavy woollen scarf to add an extra kick of cosy to all of your layered outfits. 

Well, by now you should be an absolute pro in all things layering! Get shopping for core winter basics to prepare yourself for the chill to come.