Top 10 Things to Do With Leather-Bound Journal

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As they say “A blank journal is the spark of imagination” and perhaps the way to build up a personality.

There are a lot of ways you can use a leather-bound journal.

You can use it for professional purpose, tracking down your growth, finances, planning etc., or you can use it for domestic purpose to note down your health progress, expenses and recipes or you can also you use it as personalized leather journal where you can write down all your joyful sweet memories, share the secrets and burden in hard times.

It all depends on the way you think about how you can use it. And that is why the journals are blank to leave the concept of “using it” up to the owner.

Here we present a few ways you can use it, encompassing all the professional, domestic and personal purposes. So, you can find a suitable purpose for yourself to use it.

1. As a planner

Use it as a planner that has your future activities recorded, be it professional or personal. So, when you open it after a year, you can have a record of what you made through the last year.

2. As a language tutor

Once you get determined to learn a new language, a language journal is very much important for you to jot down the words and grammar you learn to have a better grasp on the language.

3. As a health journal

Use it as a journal where you can track your fitness, weight loss etc., and achieve the health goals you fixed up.This can certainly motivate you as soon as you see the values dropping or increasing for profit.

4. As a food journal

Keeping a record of what you eat and what you made this week can help you in easily figuring out what can be prepared today for dining. In fact, keeping a record of your recipes helps you get more cooking ideas and lets you get more innovative with your cooking.

5. As an expense tracker

Keeping a track of your earnings and spending is another way you can use the journal for. Just note down the expenses of your week or month and balance it with your earnings.

It helps you make wise decisions regarding your expenses.

6. As a memory

Use the blank pages of the leather-bound journal to bring a smile to your face when you open it. Make it a record of memories, in short, a leather photo album that has captured all your sweet memories with family and friends.

7. As a life tracker

Use it as a life tracker where you can share and write down all the amazing memories and things you did in your life, the famous people you met and inspirational moments you had and everything.

8. As a bucket list

Using it as bucket list gives you a great opportunity to think of all the wild and incredible things you want to do in life before kicking the bucket.

Be it any grand, expensive, silly, childish, once-in-a-lifetime event that you love to do or want to do, just feel free to write and as soon as you keep accomplishing each one, strike it off or put a check mark beside to give yourself a great feeling of achievement.

9. As unsent letters

Sometimes you get angry or become upset because of your dear ones and you couldn’t rain your anger down on them or tell them something you want to.

So, just write down whatever you wanted to tell or spill out in the journal. The words you write might not be heard by the concerned person but this way you can possibly calm down without hurting yourself and others.

10. As a friend

Not all the times you need areal friend to listen to your stories and share the burden. Sometimes you will need someone with whom you can open your heart out, without any hesitations and share some dark secrets with all the assurance that your secret is kept secret.

And this perfect friend can be your journal!! Just write your heart out and whatever you are going through and share the burden. This will leave you relieved.


So, these were some of the ideas that we could think of for using a leather-bound journal. Do let us know if you have some more ideas that could possibly make use of journals.