Lifestyle Tips From Around the World To Help You Stay Healthy and Happy

It’s easy to know what the people on the other side of the world are doing to stay healthy and happy. And that’s all thanks to the well-connected world of the internet. People from different corners of the world lead their lives differently. Their habits are different, so are their lifestyles or preferences.

So, what makes people in Japan lead a healthier and happy life or people in the Blue Zones? Although they are very different from the lifestyle you may be leading currently, they still may inspire you to take on a new lifestyle habit that may impact your life positively. The best way to go about things is to pool our knowledge and work on our habits. Together you can make a wonderful plan for wellness.


Farmer's BreakfastWhile the world is obsessed with new ways of eating and intermittent fasting, the Germans cannot do without their breakfast. The Germans believe that skipping breakfast can affect your metabolism. People who skip breakfast can make you go hungry faster. That is why at least 75% of Germans eat breakfast every day. You can eat stuff such as whole-grain cereals, fruit, and oats to keep you satisfied and stop you from snacking too much.


Malaysians love this yellow spice that grows in Malaysian jungles; the yellow spice is called turmeric. Turmeric is a spice rich in curcumin, a natural chemical that also has fat-fighting properties. Studies show it impacts unhealthy adipose tissue as it prevents the formation of blood vessels in fat deposits. You can add it to the soups, curries, and roasted vegetables.


There are more Dutch bikes (18 million) than citizens (16.5 million). People from the Netherlands are constantly ‘on the go.’ Most people from the Netherlands cycle at least 20 minutes per day. They don’t believe in going to the gym. So, you don’t need to visit the gym to reduce weight or stay healthy. What you need to do, is to do little exercise but do it often. It can keep you healthy and in a relaxed or non-stressful way.


Just like the Dutch, Japan loves to stay active. But, you may be surprised to know that they also believe in napping. You may find the Japanese people dozing off in the middle of busy afternoons. Power napping can also reduce ghrelin levels. Ghrelin is the hormone that can trigger your hunger pangs and can help maintain weight and health too.


The Finns love to hike and walk around. To enhance their walking prowess, they also use Nordic sticks. These long walking poles help propel your body forward. Even if you walk slowly, you can increase fat burning by 20%. It can also help tone up your entire body. You don’t have to exercise harder. Just exercise smarter.


The Indonesians practice periodic fasting, and sometimes they may not eat food between dawn and dusk. Others practice ‘mutih.’ It is a cultural tradition of partaking only white rice and water. When you scientifically restrict your food, it can lead to weight loss. It can also help in the cell repairing process, reduce inflammation, help in ensuring a stronger heart, and help in the functioning of the brain.


The French people love their foods such as cheese, butter, cream, and bread. Yet, people who live in Europe are healthy. That’s the question that everyone is curious to know how do they still manage to stay healthy? So, perhaps in their case, indulgence is the key. The idea is not to restrict their foods but also to enjoy the food without an iota of guilt.

Fatty foods, if eaten regularly, in small quantities, can not negatively impact your health. They also enjoy the whole dining process. They also savor the food and eat slowly, which stops them from gorging and finding out when their stomach is full.

These are just a few of the countries that teach us how to eat right. There are people in Greece who cannot have enough fish and vegetables. Indians love their protein-packed chickpeas. Mexicans eat their biggest meals in the afternoons and graze in the evening. So, you can eat right too and stay healthy if you incorporate these healthy habits followed by people worldwide. Well, if they can, you can too!