Lisa Nicole Cloud husband Dr Darren Naugles net worth, gay, wiki-bio, ethnicity, age, child

Dr Darren Naugles is a Chief Medical officer at MAJL Diagnostic Laboratories. Naugles also worked as an Emergency Medicine Physician at the Envision HealthCare facility.  In 2017, he married Lisa Nicole Cloud . She is an American businesswoman, author, clothes designer, and television personality who is best known for her role as Dr. Lisa Nicole Cloud on Bravo TV’s Married to Medicine. Married to Medicine’s ninth season premiered on July 10, 2022. Come down to learn more about Lisa Nicole Cloud husband, Dr. Darren Naugles, including his net worth, gay , wiki-bio, ethnicity, age, and child:

Who is Lisa Nicole Cloud husband Dr Darren Naugles?

Lisa is happily married to husband Dr. Darren Naugles. He is a Chief Medical officer at MAJL Diagnostic Laboratories. Naugles also worked as an Emergency Medicine Physician at the Envision HealthCare facility. Lisa Nicole Cloud husband, Darren, is also a Northside Hospital Cherokee doctor. Aside from his job success, Darren is garnering media attention as the celebrity spouse of Lisa Nicole Cloud.

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When and Where was Dr Darren Naugles born? Age, Birthday, Wiki-Bio


He was born in the United States of America on July 20, 1973. He is currently a 49-year-old attractive man. Every year on July 20, Dareen celebrates his birthday. Cloud, his wife, was also born on October 15, 1973, in Baltimore, Maryland. Her ethnicity is British-French-Germanic.

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Who are Naugles parents and siblings? Family, Nationality, Ethnicity

 Anna Lee Naugles (mother) and Kurt Emanuel Naugles (father) are Darren Naugled parents. Kurt, Daren’s father, died on June 19, 1981. He served in the United States Air Force. He shared a photo on Instagram on NOVEMBER 12, 2019, with the caption:

Happy Veterans Day to my Dad Kurt E Naugles and Uncle Paul Naugles. Both served in the Vietnam War. This picture was taken after the war.

Derreck Naugles, Kurt Kortez Naugles, and Marcus Naugles are Darren’s three brothers, while Lynn Baker is his sister. Darren and Derreck are identical twins. He is of African-American ancestry and possesses American nationality. On JUNE 20, 2018, he shared a photo of his childhood with his mom and brothers with the caption:

Mom and Dad with my older brother and sister… Happy Parents Day… Married for 11 great years until his passing.. My moms first and only love, Kurt Naugles Sr.. Happy Fathers Day again.. Will see you again.

Where did he get his education?


When it comes to Daren’s education, he graduated from Clark Atlanta University with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biology. He also graduated from Boston University School of Medicine with a Master’s degree in Medicine. Daren, too, graduated from Howard University Hospital with a degree in Emergency Medicine.

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How tall is Dr. Darren? Height, Weight

Naugles is a 49-year-old attractive man with a good height of 1.80 meters. And he’s about 171 pounds. He has a good athletic figure and brown eyes. His hair is also brown in color.

How much is Lisa Nicole Cloud husband Dr Darren Naugles net worth and earnings? 


Naugles has nearly two decades of experience as an emergency care specialist and  claimed to have amassed a sizable fortune. Dr. Darren Naugles net worth is  $8 million. At MAJL Diagnostic Laboratories, he is the Chief Medical Officer. At the Envision HealthCare facility, Naugles also worked as an Emergency Medicine Physician. Darren is also a Cherokee doctor at Northside Hospital.Darren and his wife, Lisa, also starred in the Bravo series ‘Married to Medicine,’ which should have helped him make a lot of money.

The average medical doctor salary in the United States is $175,500 per year, or $90 per hour, according to Starting salaries for entry-level employment start at $48,750 per year, with the most experienced professionals earning up to $240,000 per year. Darren, on the other hand, is an experienced physician. As a result, he may be earning more than the average. Naugles is also the recipient of the President of the United States Barack Obama’s Lifetime Achievement Award for voluntary work.

His wife, Lisa Nicole Cloud net worth is around $9 million. She has established herself as one of the most successful self-made businesswomen in the world. Cloud is the CEO of a number of businesses, including Elite Marketing Strategies and Lisa Nicole Cloud Enterprises, among others. She is not only a successful entrepreneur, but she is also a well-known television personality who has appeared on the show Married To Medicine.

When did Darren and Lisa wed? Child

Dr. Darren and Lisa Nicole Cloud have a happy marriage. Cloud is a television personality and entrepreneur. She is well-known for her role in the television series Married to Medicine. It’s unknown when and how the doctor Darren and the businesswoman Lisa Nicole met. However, the couple had been dating for several years before marrying on July 19, 2007. Recently on MARCH 27, 2022, Lisa posted a video with her husband of kissing each other and captioned:

Unconditional Love can’t be explained. They all make me crazy at times (and I definitely make them crazy) but I love them to the moon and back. My greatest accomplishments have been being an amazing wife and an amazing mom. Thank you God for the gifts of my husband and children.

The couple has two children, Amira Faith and D.J. DJ, the married partner’s eldest child, is currently in 10th grade, while Amira, their daughter, is in 8th grade. They frequently appear in posts updated by their parents on social media.

Are they still together?


Relationships are at the heart of Married to Medicine, and none were as buzzy as the marriage of Lisa Nicole Cloud and her husband, Dr. Darren Naugles, during their three seasons on the show. Lisa Nicole had to defend her marriage after years of intense speculation from the other Married to Medicine ladies, including rumors that Dr. Darren had been unfaithful to his wife, which he denied.  Fans of Married to Medicine, cheer: Lisa Nicole and Dr. Darren are still together and appear to be stronger than ever.