MAISON CUSTOM Makes Gifting Easy With Personalized Cutting Boards


Do you ever find yourself stuck looking for a gift for that person who has everything? We all do! It isn’t pleasant and usually results in purchasing whatever’s available at the last minute. That usually ends up with a sub par gift that will finish by being re-gifted, not exactly money well spent.

That’s where MAISON CUSTOM comes in. After looking for a unique Mother’s Day gift everywhere I finally came across their website on Google. Skeptical at first like I always am, I did a bit more research and found hundreds of positive reviews on their website, on Facebook and on Google which helped alleviate my concerns.

They make gorgeous personalized gifts and best of all, they deliver them quickly. Unlike other websites and companies where you need to order weeks or even months in advance, MAISON CUSTOM is a small family business that acts quickly and can get your custom personalized gift shipped out within 2 to 3 business days!

Their beautiful website lets you customize items and instantly see a preview which makes it much easier to make a decision. They seem to be expanding their product line quite quickly with a specialization in personalized cutting boards. One of their popular items is a sentimental handwritten recipe cutting board.

That’s exactly what it sounds like, you upload a picture of a handwritten recipe and they engrave it on a solid wood cutting board of your choice. It makes a thoughtful heirloom and keepsake that can be passed down generations.

I didn’t have any recipes on hand and since I was last minute I decided to go with one of their monograms for a personalized cutting board. I went with The Arched – Walnut – Large, a beautiful rich Walnut cutting board that I get to personalize with my Mom’s name.

It took about 5 business days to receive it and OMG let me tell you it was truly one of a kind. I thought I was impressed when I opened the engraved cutting board but I was honestly blown away when my mom opened it.

She literally teared up, happy tears of course. It was just such a unique personalized gift that she wasn’t expecting. It’s practical but also stunning and she gets to show it off every day on her island counter. When we speak she still mentions once in a while how a new friend came over and can’t stop talking about her personalized cutting board, asking where she got it, etc. 

It’s truly a great feeling knowing I got Mom a gift that touched her.

All this to say, whether you’re looking for custom cutting boards or other personalized gifts, give MAISON CUSTOM a try, you won’t be disappointed!