Mary lee Harvey net worth, son, Steve Harvey first wife

Mary Lee Harvey is a 59-year-old make-up artist and novelist from the United States. She is well-known for being the second ex-wife of Steve Harvey, a well-known comedian, novelist, and television personality. During her legal battle with Steve, Mary gained notoriety as she sought divorce and custody of their kid. We’ll look at Mary Lee Harvey’s biography and learn some information about her in this article about Steve Harvey’s ex-wife. We’ll also explain why she appears bitter in most of her public appearances. To learn more about Mary Lee Harvey’s net worth, children, and other details, continue reading.

The Wife of Steve Harvey’s Life

Mary and Steve met for the first time in 1989 at a comedy show in Arlington, Texas. At first sight, the two fell in love. By that time, Steve was still married. They began dating in 1995, just a year after Steve divorced his previous wife, whom he had left pregnant.

On June 21, 1996, Steve and his ex-wife Mary Lee Harvey married. Mary and Steve appear to be a great match, since they were seen together at several occasions and had several red carpet postures. Everything was fine until 2005, when the two decided to divorce each other.

In November 2005, the nine-year marriage, which had produced one kid, came to an end. Steve married again in 2007, to a woman who helped him become a better man, while Mary’s marriage status remains unknown.

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Mary Lee Harvey, Steve Harvey’s ex-wife, has divorced him.

The major reason for the couple’s divorce was never reveal. It was widely assume, however, that it was the result of infidelity. Seven years after meeting Steve while he was just divorce, another woman came around and replaced her.

Steve was accuse by Mary of having an affair with his current wife, Marjoe. Mary decide to fight back after seeing the indications and realizing the odds were stack against her. She uploaded videos showing Steve physically and psychologically abusing her.

Steve brought his wife to court, seeing this as a potential danger to his hard-earned reputation, but she was release due to a lack of proof. It was a minor victory for her, but it was a big setback because Steve divorced her shortly after that.

Mary Lee Harvey and Steve Harvey child

Mary and Steve had one child, Wynton Harvey, who was born on July 18, 1997. He is now 22 years old. After their divorce, the custody of this child became a genuine source of contention between the two. Steve accused his former wife of child maltreatment and filed a lawsuit.

In 2011, he was award full custody of the boy. Mary Lee Harvey, on the other hand, accused him of abusing his position to obtain a favorable verdict. She felt abused, and all she wanted to do was wait until his son was old enough to make his own decisions.

Estimated net worth of Mary Lee Harvey

Mary Lee Harvey’s current net worth is project to be $500,000 in 2022, including her properties and other business ventures. Her work’s specifics are still unclear. After all of the controversies, she is rarely see in the media, and we have no information on her relationship affairs or any other data. Marcia Harvey, Steve Harvey’s first ex-wife, is not one of them. Her professional life is going swimmingly.

After their four-month divorce, Steve Harvey’s ex-wife used to receive $40,000 monthly allowances as an adjustment and welfare care. Similarly, she obtained three of Steve Harvey’s residences as part of her divorce settlement. Mary’s ex-husband is one of the multi-millionaires, with a net worth of $140 million. In 2022, he was feature in Forbes for earning $45 million.

Who is Mary Lee Harvey? Family, siblings, education, age and social media

On October 20, 1960, Mary Lee Harvey was born. Mary Lee Shackleford was her birth name. There are no specifics regarding her parents, siblings, or birthplace. She is currently 59 years old and will celebrate her 60th birthday later this year. Her zodiac sign is Libra, and she is of African-American descent.

Mary is not on the internet in the same way that every other famous person in today’s world is. She does not have profiles on both Instagram and Twitter. Although she only has 63 friends on Facebook, she has shared some interesting information about herself. She is from Delhi, Louisiana, according to the description. Delhi High School was her alma mater. She is currently residing in Piano, Texas, and is not involve in any relationships. Aside from the aforementioned, she has published a few things that hardly hold water in terms of attempting to figure out what she is up to.

One year in Imprisonment

The divorce court order stated unequivocally that neither party, including Steve and Mary, should discuss the divorce in public. Mary defied the command because she thought she was a victim of the situation. As a result of this, she was arrest and charge. She was also sentence to a year in prison. Even after being release, she continue to throw tantrums, claiming that the United States is a democratic country where everyone has the right to free expression.

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