Max Pezzali Net Worth, Ex-wife, Wife, Children

Massimo Pezzali aka Max Pezzali, is an Italian singer-songwriter. He was the principal singer and songwriter of the pop rock group 883. The band was active from 1989 to 2003, releasing six studio albums. In 2004, he released his first solo album Il Mondo Insieme a Te. The album was successful in Italy, and since then Pezzali has remained a solo artist. His songs talk about friendship, honesty, relationships between boys and girls, and they are funny and popular. Over the course of musical career 883 published six studio albums, released over 25 music videos and frequently toured throughout Italy. Scroll down for more detail about: Max Pezzali Net Worth, ex-wife , Wife, and Children.

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What is the Max Pezzali Net Worth as of 2022?

 Max Pezzali net worth is $1.5 million as of 2022. Max Pezzali is well known by Italian people to be the voice of a music pop group, called “883.  He is one of the successful pop singers. He has made such a large amount of wealth from his primary career as a Pop Singer. In 1994 Repetto left the band on good terms to pursue his dream of becoming a movie director in America. Pezzali recruited new members and continued the group.

The band continued to perform and in 1995 released the new album La donna il sogno & il grande incubo which sold over 1.200.000 million copies. In 1997, 883 produced La dura legge del gol, The collection Gli Anni in 1998, Grazie Mille in 1999, Mille Grazie in 2000 (released exclusively in Austria, Switzerland and Germany) and Uno in più in 2001. The band continued without him in 2002 when Pezzali announced his plans to begin a solo career and to take full credit for his songs.

Who is Pezzali Ex-Wife? Why the couple Separated??


 Pezzali is a marital status. In April 2005, he was married to  Martina Marinucci. The two met in Pavia in the 80s at school: they met with classmates when the singer was rejected in the third year and they started writing songs together. In 1989 they participated together with 1-2-3 Jovanotti, a broadcast conducted by a very young Lorenzo Cherubini novice. Real success came in 1992 with They killed Spider-Man. The couple welcomed their 1st child son, Hilo, in 2008. After 13 years of marriage, the couple became officially separated in 2014. The couple was not relieved why they were separated.

Who is Max Wife? when he Married??

A few months after his separation of ex-wife, he became engaged to Debora Pelamatti. Max Pezzali married Debora Pelamatti, in 28 April 2019. He posted on Instagram, wishing his wife 1st anniversary on 28 April 2020.

  The couple met immediately after the artist’s divorce with his ex-wife Martina. The couple are married in secret, in Pavia, in the setting of Villa Necchi. in their marriage only close friends and family members are involved. She is from Brescia and has a degree in Law. Debora has a great passion for fashion and on Instagram. She shares the shots that tell her everyday life with Max Pezzali. He is wished his wife happy valentines day on February 14, 2020.