What do Moms Really Want? Here are 5 Inexpensive Gifts That They Will Love

Showing Mom You Care

You are the life your mother brought into the world physically, through a nine-month pregnancy. She raised you from infancy to adulthood. You are her biggest contribution to life, in all likelihood. So what does your mom really want? She wants to spend time with you, and just be happy at what she’s brought into the world. So spend time with her.

However, you yourself don’t exist just to be appreciated; you’re not a cat. Jokes aside, you want to do more than just “be there”. Being there is absolutely paramount, but it’s only part of the equation. The thing is, buying for mom is hard. She’s got all the things she wants, and what’s left is likely outside your budget. What do you do? Well, consider these affordable gifts.

1. Flowers: a Very Safe and Very Affordable Bet

If you’re trying to find great gifts for moms, be absolutely sure you don’t forget the power of the flower. That is to say: moms love bouquets, roses, daisies, tulips, and any other sort of flower—well, unless they have some allergy; then they likely still love flowers, just not the ones which initiate sneezes.

You can find all sorts of floral arrangements available at affordable prices. There are certain flowers out there that are too expensive to believe, but for the most part, these tend to be a very affordable gift for mom.

2. Chocolates, Chocolates, and More Chocolates

Very few moms don’t like chocolate, some are just watching their weight. Well, keep that in mind if you’re giving your mom sweets of any kind; but on Christmas, Mother’s Day or her birthday, varying kinds of chocolates are a safe bet. Special occasions are special occasions, after all!

3. A Bubble Bath Pampering Basket

Go to any store like Bed Bath & Beyond, and you’ll find little baskets full of “bath bombs”, body lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and a bunch of that weird plastic paper shredded in strips to look like grass and hide things in the mix. Moms love those baskets. Get her one. They’re usually only $20 or so.

4. Recurring Subscription Boxes for Snacks and More

Subscription boxes are a little more costly, but only incrementally. You might get her a year subscription to a floral service, or one that provides little snacks like cookies or charcuterie. Explore varying alternatives to find what she likes. There are quite a diverse array of subscription box options out there.

5. Self-Made Family Coupons for Skills You Can Deliver
This is a classic family favorite: maybe you know how to change the oil without your mom having to drive the car into the lube joint. Well, give her a coupon with that service and perform when called upon. In fact, you might give her a coupon book for such “services”.

You’ve got to be able to do whatever the coupon you make says, but provided you can, this is a totally free gift she’ll love, because collaterally it means you get to spend some time together.

Delighting Your Mother

Motherhood is hard. Hopefully, you get to be a parent someday; you’ll understand. Pamper your mom a bit, even if your budget isn’t huge. Self-made coupons, subscriptions, bath-time pampering baskets, chocolates, and flowers are all excellent options to delight your mom. We hope that these suggestions will help you figure out something that works for her.