Motivate Yourself to Declutter and Start Today

Decluttering can be life-changing, especially these days when most of us have to stay at home. It doesn’t just clear up space and help us organize things, it’s also an excellent way to make productive use of your time and energy. Talk yourself into embracing this routine, and soon enough, you’ll reap the benefits of organizing your home. After you motivate yourself to declutter and decide to start today, the next question is, how do you begin? Are you picturing yourself in the middle of a massive mountain of piles and stacks of books, magazines, loose paper, and unfolded linen? In a sea of clutter, where should you first dive in?

This article aims to help you navigate through this dilemma. We will discuss several starting points so that you can motivate yourself decluttering your life.

Adjust your perspective.

room woman standing home living room organizeSometimes, it pays not to look at the bigger picture because it will be too overwhelming when you do that as you declutter. It’s like looking at a mountain. It would be too overwhelming to think about climbing the very top. You have to start at the bottom, so it appears more doable and achievable. Unlike other tasks, single small successes matter more. Focus on one small task per day. It’s a basic principle that you need to remember in decluttering. Clean, organize and arrange one shelf, clear a small countertop, organize a small drawer one at a time.

As you progress, it becomes more and more rewarding. It’s a great motivation to see a single piece that stands out from the others. Looking at one corner, that’s all neat and clean in the midst of a chaotic room, will truly motivate you. It energizes you and makes you enthusiastic about getting another corner going. As you compare one shelf from another, it reminds you of the goal that you need to accomplish.

Do it slow and steady.

ClothesIf you have seen TV shows that focus on decluttering, you will realize its impact on the lives of many families in America. They are brought to tears after they see the results. It’s because they have lived with clutter for such a long time, and finally, being clutter-free means a new beginning for them. Clutter doesn’t happen overnight. Picture this, you throw things everywhere for six days a week, and you only clean and organize once a month. This effort to declutter is not enough to make up for the clutter formed.

Decluttering takes time. It’s not something that you can do overnight. It’s entirely different from simply tidying up. It involves forming new habits, developing organizational techniques, and building up new routines for the household. There are no shortcuts to a clutter-free life. Do it slowly yet carefully. We all know of the famous fable of the turtle and the rabbit. Let’s set this as an example in our decluttering progress. We should take things slow yet steady. This way, decluttering is of high quality and sustainable.

Devise a declutter schedule.

couple home kitchenBeing a working mom or a multitasking dad won’t get in the way of your decision to declutter your home. You can’t just sprinkle pixie dust on your head to become a superhero to do everything in a flash. You have to understand that you should have time, motivation, and energy to be successful in decluttering. These are investments that won’t cost you a penny, resources that you can control.

Allot 10-15 minutes at the start of your day to declutter. It’s surely enough for a drawer or one level of a big bookshelf. On your day off, you can schedule 2-4 hours to accomplish more portions of your home. Being committed to schedule or a routine to declutter will make everything more realistic and attainable. As you freely invest in these, it also means you are accepting the goal of having a clutter-free home and life.

Motivate yourself and those around you.

Even if you are not the sole reason for having clutter in your home, set an excellent example for the rest of the family. Let your spouse see where you’ve put the bills, teach the children to put their toys in a specific place after playtime, and so on! Influencing them should also be your reason to move forward. Always think that change begins with you.

Decluttering may seem so small, but the impact it makes in your life can be so significant. Motivate yourself to embrace decluttering, and soon enough, you’ll feel grateful you have the space you need for more important things.