How to Equip Yourself Before an MRI Scan?

Magnetic Resource Imaging (MRI) is a process used to scan your body using radiofrequency waves to get a clear image of your body part from inside. It is used to diagnose any problem inside your body at a very detailed level. MRI can detect even the smallest of the change in the affected area so that your doctor can start your treatment more precisely. 

You can visit platforms like for detailed information on MRI. With this knowledge, if you ever had to go for an MRI scan, you might be familiar with the process. 

If you never took an MRI scan, and your doctor has recommended you to go for a scan, read this article to know how to prepare for an MRI scan.

No Metals Inside

Metals are strictly prohibited when you enter the room for an MRI scan. The machine uses very powerful radiofrequency pulses, which can easily attract any metal object with you. The testing facility will inform you in advance of this. 

It is the most crucial information that you need to consider before going for an MRI scan. If you have any metal object with you, it can lead to serious injury or even death if the effect is severe. You may avoid all of this by avoiding any metal object with you in the MRI scan room. Your smartphones, wallet, or any metal accessories will not be allowed in the scan room for the same reasons.

Inform the Doctor In Case of Any Implant

You must inform your doctor in advance if you have a pacemaker or implant. It may cause serious damage during the scanning process. If you inform the doctor in advance, he will be able to arrange some other alternative. You must inform your doctor in case of heart valves, artificial limbs, or any other implants. 

Avoid Any Makeup or Spray

You should avoid wearing makeup or any spray like hair spray or body spray. They might contain small metal particles which can interfere with the frequency. It can burn your skin and cause serious damages. That is why it is very crucial to avoid any cosmetic items or makeup on your MRI scan day.

Take Consent from the Doctor If You’re Pregnant

Pregnant ladies should discuss with their doctor in advance. You should go for an MRI scan only if your doctor advises you to do so. You should also bring all the other reports when you go for the scan. The radiologist there might ask you for the reports.

Follow the Questionnaires Seriously 

Most MRI scanning facilities will send you a set of questionnaires while booking for the scan or a day before the scan. You need to take those questionnaires very seriously as they cover all the required safety checks. You can read all the pointers very carefully and make sure that you follow whatever is mentioned in that pointer.

You can prepare for the scan considering all the points mentioned in the questionnaire. It will help you avoid any risk when you visit the centre for your MRI scan.