5 Key Things New U Life and Alexy Goldstein Can Teach You About Whole Body Health


The past eighteen months have been a challenge for us all, and over 71 million Americans reported unwanted weight gain in 2020. Yet, 60 percent claim being healthy is their highest priority, and it’s not necessarily just about losing weight …

This makes sense as we all want to be able to do the activities we love with gusto, feel mentally sharp at work and overall have the ability to enjoy life deeply for as long as possible. However, this becomes more difficult as we age, and to combat common setbacks and ailments, the idea of whole body health has emerged on the health and wellness stage.

Whole body health means an individual pursues both mental and physical health with equal dedication, and it’s an idea that has gained traction and turned heads in the wellness industry. It certainly fits the mold for what many people need these days. It’s more than just a simple diet or workout routine, but a lifestyle refinement designed to last for years.

At its center is Alexy Goldstein, founder of New U Life — a man who, for years, has been spreading information about not just what whole body health is, but how one can achieve and maintain it.

Health education has been the passion of Goldstein for years, and his products are the result of decades of research and testing. For those looking to shake things up, understanding a few key aspects of whole body health is vital before committing to any change.

1. It’s Never Too Late to Start

As we age, it’s easy to concede that our health just won’t be quite what it was when we were younger. However, this mindset isn’t just damaging; it’s also misleading. “The best time to start prioritizing your health is today,” says Goldstein.

“And regardless of age, everyone can benefit from the pursuit. The boundaries that come with age cannot be broken entirely, but with the right routine and products, they most certainly can be bent. The key is to reclaim your vitality through a non-invasive means, which is why we use natural ingredients and a gel application in our SomaDerm® product, which truly can help with the aging process.”

The production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) peaks somewhere in the 20s, and from there, it declines 14 to 15 percent every ten years. One can begin to offset this decline as early as their 30s or as late as their 70s. What matters most is taking action to reclaim normal hormone levels, and in that regard, there’s never a point where it’s too late to start.

2. It’s a Lifestyle, Not a Quick Fix

“To get the most out of whole body health,” asserts Goldstein, “people must commit to lifestyle change and be in it for the long haul. You can’t expect to see results overnight, but if you stick with it, you will start reaping the rewards. It does require patience and being realistic about the timeline, but the results are worth it.”

Nutrition, exercise, mental health, and sleep must all receive proper dedication and care, and it’s best to give each aspect the attention it deserves. Whole body health cannot be attained with a quick fix and require a lifestyle change. Anything else is just a halfhearted attempt that is unlikely to produce lasting results.

3. You Get Out What You Put In

“The level of results one can expect from a whole body health lifestyle,” comments Goldstein, “directly relates to what the person puts into the program and themselves. Even with the most cutting-edge products and exercise programs, if you are still not getting the right nutrition, then your results will reflect that. It’s important to not focus too much on any one aspect of health but keep the overall picture in view.”

While New U Life’s products like SomaDerm may provide some amazing results, they cannot be expected to do all the lifting themselves. Results are a direct reflection of an individual’s habits, and to attain whole body health requires consistency and balance.

4. Some Things Can’t Be Bought …

While it’s tempting to try every product available that promises to help improve your fitness, there are certain aspects of health that just can’t be bought. “We all want to give our bodies and minds the best chance to succeed with support,” says Goldstein.

“And certainly having the right equipment and supplements around helps. However, probably the most important pillar of whole body health that’s commonly ignored is getting quality sleep. It’s where both our bodies and mind recover after all the stimulation of a day, and if you aren’t getting enough sleep regularly, your most basic foundation of health will be unstable.”

5. It’s a Synergy-Based Solution

“Exercise, nutrition, and sleep all work together and complement one another as the most basic blocks of whole body health,” explains Goldstein. “Once you feel like you have these down through healthy habits, then it’s time to take it to the next level with mental health. We designed and recommend NeuraVie® for those who reach this stage as it reinforces brain health with nootropic support. This both protects and optimizes cognitive function, which is an essential component of whole body health.”

The goal of whole body health is to get the body and mind both on the same page and firing on all cylinders. This kind of solution relies on the system as a whole complementing and supporting itself. With time and dedication, it all culminates to create an effect of peak energy and performance in both physical and mental pursuits.