No More Clichés! Motivate Yourself With These Unconventional Tips!

Motivation isn’t something you can pick up anywhere or earn from working. It’s something you draw within you by inspiring yourself or being inspired by others. Now, we have all heard of the conventional motivational words from our peers — “Don’t give up!” or “You can do it!”. We can’t deny that they’re getting cliché and frankly, boring. Instead of feeling that burst of motivation surge throughout your body, giving you the energy you need to tackle whatever it is you need to do, you’re left uninspired and beaten down from all the clichés.

But don’t be bogged down by these words and how lackluster they are in providing you the boost you so crave for. Try and find inspiration — and hopefully, motivation — with the following:

It’s Okay To Be In Pain

We know, we know. Who would feel inspired when they’re distraught? How would you even manage to get out of bed when you’re physically, mentally, or emotionally in pain? But before you start even spiraling into the abyss, hear us out. Instead of allowing yourself to be consumed with the idea that you’re always going to feel that way, think about this saying: “Pain is weakness leaving the body.” Embrace the pain and push harder instead! If you’re feeling unmotivated because you’re getting through a break-up, accept the sadness of lost love or heartache and use that to motivate yourself for personal development. Assess yourself and your past relationship and see in which areas you can improve in.

Look Forward To Feeling Good

Now, this is something that you can think about when you’re in the throes of stress and lack of inspiration. The road seems dim up ahead even though you have been working tirelessly on yourself or a particular personal goal or task. It seems as if nothing good will ever come out of all the effort you’ve been pouring into your work or yourself. While it will do you a world of good to remain focused on the present, try and imagine what it would feel like once you reach the finish line. Imagine the satisfaction of completing your task. Think of how good it will feel and make that your motivation!

Take A Step Back

In life, people will tell you that the only way is forward, and by doing so, you will see the progress you wish you achieve. But the thing is, there are times when it gets tough to take even one more tiny step. We feel more stressed than usual, our messed-up body clock starts wreaking havoc in our body, and the pressure on our shoulders gets more intense. Who can move forward with that kind of situation? You can still go forward if you wish, but if you feel as if you’re ripping apart at the seams, ready to unravel and break down, stop and take a step back. Just because you do so doesn’t mean you’ve wasted all the progress you’ve made so far — what it means is you’re taking a pause and recalibrating your situation to see how you can move forward once more without being weighed down by all the things you’re carrying on your back. Don’t feel too bad if you decide to take a step back to take a breather. Everyone needs it once in a while.


Yes. It may seem like a scary decision to just get up and leave everything behind. But sometimes, this is the way to go. If you find yourself stuck in a situation where you’re miserable and uninspired, then quit. There’s no point in prolonging your misery when you know you can be happier somewhere else. Don’t be ashamed or feel terrible that you gave up on something. If it doesn’t fit, quit. Simple as that.

When it comes to finding motivation, many people stick to the conventional. While there’s nothing wrong with them, the unconventional might just bring about the motivation you’ve been seeking. Sometimes, it pays to look towards the other direction to see if you can gain something positive and uplifting. Some of these tips (particularly the last one) may not be something you’d want to try out at first, but at some point in your life, you’re going to want to try it out — and trust us, you’re most likely not going to regret it.