Not Blessed with a Green Thumb? Here Are Some Tips to Follow!

Not all of us are blessed with a green thumb! But then should we settle for a plant-free life, not exactly! Plants are life, and we must ensure that we add more of them to our homes, even if it is in our pint-sized verandahs or window-sills. Anyone can get their indoor plants to thrive. You just have to choose the right ones. So, here are some tips to keep to grow a verdant garden in your beautiful home.

Not all pretty plants are for you

We all face this, we see a pretty plant and we buy it, not thinking whether it will suit you or not. But each plant may require specific requirements that you may not able to provide. So, if you bring home an exotic plant, do thorough research about the plant or ask the staff about it at the nursery. Whether your plant needs direct sunlight or regular misting you need to know all about it, to tend it in the right way.

All about the features of the plant

Your plant shouldn’t just match the home environment but also your personality and lifestyle. There are varied plants suitable for different types of folks. If you are a fan of foliage you must get plants like peace lilies or maidenhair ferns. If you are a fan of something different then select plants like devil’s ivy or the Chinese evergreen. If you are someone who regularly goes out, and doesn’t have someone to water the plants for you, then select something like cacti. You can find a variety of cacti that do not need a lot of light or even demand maximum attention for you. A super busy person can choose from a variety of cacti to suit your lifestyle.

Start simple

If you are new to this, it is not necessary to aim for the ultimate potted plant you saw at your neighbors or someone with a pronounced green thumb, instead settle for things that little tending, being a plant person takes time and you may not be able to master the gardening bit right at the onset. Don’t pressurize yourself to go for the ultimate, plant, instead select plants such as snake plants that require little to no maintenance. So, in this case, a pothos plant may not be the one you are looking for as it requires careful tending, pruning, or watering. If you do not water them enough, the leaves may start to get yellow, even the stalks will start getting thin. However, if you start watering them it may start blooming again. Give yourself the opportunity to learn, you may not be born with a green thumb but you can always learn from your mistakes.

Put your plants under a scanner

Not quite literally, we mean to say try and forge a relationship with your plant, tend to it regularly, see how they bloom, the tiny sprouts that emerge from nowhere, the verdant look it takes on when you water it religiously. When you trim or prune it, and provide the tender loving care your greens deserve. It is almost therapeutic to watch your plant to grow. Plants communicate to you in numerous ways, all you need to be is be responsive to its various needs. All plants may not respond exactly how you want them to respond, some plants may turn out to be really finicky, so despite providing them with the TLC they start drooping, don’t get disheartened in such a situation, instead, focus on it to find exactly what were you went wrong, maybe you left a sensitive plant out in the sun far too long and it started wilting, the bottom line is plants gradually grow on you and you start learning all about it as you go., it may take time but it’s worth all the effort.

Before you start buying plants, you can always research beforehand, there are plenty of YouTube channels that provide just the information you want. There are Instagram accounts that may even answer your queries, so here goes you may be green-thumb challenged, but you can always learn, and as you do and enter the magical world of plants you will feel this is just the sort of place you’d want to be, green, blooming and beautiful.