Online Food Channels That Will Satisfy the Pastry Chef and Cake Artist in You


Are you a food aesthetic who enjoys watching food videos and recreating them in the kitchen? Well, here are some pastry and cake channels that you can easily find online. Some of these channels have videos that are easy to follow and recreate in the kitchen, and some are there to satisfy your food aesthetics, but we would suggest you try recreating these because baking is a form of therapy. 

Joy Of Baking

Well, Joy of Baking is our number one go-to baking and cake channel because of its authentic classic recipes. This channel, which was launched in 1997 before social media and YouTube even existed, is a baker’s paradise. This is one of the first YouTube channels to have a website, as well as one of the oldest. On Joy of Baking, they feature extensive videos outlining the recipes and the dos and don’ts for each one, in addition to professionally written recipes. 

The chef discusses all of the potential flaws in the dish, as well as the must-haves and adjustments that may be made. She covers everything you need to know about baking cakes or desserts, leaving no questions unanswered. Well, in order to access these websites and YouTube channels, all you need is a good internet service, and for that, we suggest checking out TDS internet or wave internet

TDS internet is available even in remote areas, and the speed is good enough for you to easily watch all your favorite food videos. The different speed tiers are for everyone from a single user to a family of multiple internet users. Besides, TDS internet is super secure, and reliable which makes it an absolute hit among users. 

Sugar Geek Show

Sugar Geek Show is a YouTube channel where you can find all of the traditional fool-proof recipes that are perfect for starting to bake at home and selling your cakes. The baking expert shares all of the insider secrets, and her recipes are perfect for creating the perfect cake. She includes recipes for all forms of cakes, from simple to complex, as well as the most basic and classic. 

Besides that, there are several recipes for different kinds of frostings. She even teaches you how to stabilize your frostings for different kinds of weather conditions, especially if it is humid. This is the YouTube channel to watch if you want to learn the fundamentals of cake decorating.

Nadia Bakes 

Nadia Bakes is a show that transports you to the world of pastry. Chef Nadia bakes both sweet and savory foods, always injecting originality into even the most straightforward recipes. Although the show isn’t available everywhere, if you have a Netflix account, you should add it to your queue. Nadia takes the most basic recipes and reinvents them in terms of flavor, texture, and presentation. She enjoys mixing and matching recipes, and her creations are never weird. 

It is also soothing to watch her bake and cook with such enthusiasm and patience, almost as if she were creating art. The nicest aspect of this show is that it motivates you to get into the kitchen and experiment with what you already have. Nadia inspires you to be creative and simple with your cakes, assuring you that simple can be beautiful. It is ideal for motivating newbie bakers. So, if you already know all the basics about baking, this show teaches you how to be creative with your flavors. 

Man About Cake

Joshua John Russell runs the Man About Cake designer cake channel, which features current designer cakes. His designs are flawless and exquisite, and his instructional videos make the procedure simple to follow. The step-by-step tutorials, on the other hand, make it simple for viewers to grasp how the cakes are produced. He stays up with the latest trends while also creating distinctive and innovative cake designs. 

If you are seeking exquisite, stunning, and distinctive cake designs that are also simple to prepare, we are confident you will have something to make using Joshua’s step-by-step tutorials. So, follow Man About Cake because a handsome man is teaching you how to decorate a gourmet cake, what else do you need?


This YouTube channel is a must-follow for cake decorators looking for advice on leveling, stacking, crumb coating, choosing the right frosting, packaging, and delivering cakes. This woman begins from scratch and guides novices through the entire process, from manufacture to packaging and delivery. She begins with the cake sponge recipe and then takes you step-by-step through the entire procedure, from the simple syrup to the final piping on the cake. 

Since it is run by a cake decorator who works from home, this channel isn’t very fancy, but it is super useful and easy to understand. It is, however, valuable since she shares her tried-and-true ideas and tricks with others who are also selling cakes and learning from their homes.

The Icing Artist

Laurie Shannon runs the YouTube channel The Icing Artist. Laurie demonstrates how to build creative cakes with simple materials and something as basic as the sad grocery store cakes. Laurie’s cake ideas and designs, as well as how she transforms the simplest things into gorgeous designs, are adored by even those who do not bake. She reinvents cakes, and her channel is always updated with new and intriguing content. The Icing Artist is a page that will not only inspire you as a baker but will also provide you with numerous ideas for creating and recreating distinctive desserts, particularly cakes. 

Cupcake Jemma 

If you want to start a baking business, Cupcake Jemma should be your first stop. She takes you step-by-step through the full cake-making process, from ingredients through baking, temperature, and ornamentation. She has a number of videos where she talks about different cake decorating techniques and skills. She primarily demonstrates decorating and design techniques, but her videos also include cake, cupcake, and cookie recipes. This YouTube page should be visited by every cake shop owner.

Pastry Pauline

This Russian cake decorator, like her masterpieces, is exquisite. She creates some of the most stunning gourmet delicacies you will ever see. Her cakes are works of art and one-of-a-kind, and she usually demonstrates how to prepare them in a straightforward method. She does cake creations, 3D designs, floral gardens, and anything else you have never seen in a cake before. Her cakes are not your average confections; they are truly one-of-a-kind creations. 

Pauline will make you fall in love the instant you see her, but it will be her stunning cake designs that will keep you coming back. Her cakes are exactly what a picture-perfect designer cake should be. If you want to start baking and become famous for your creations all around the world, Pauline cakes should be your source of inspiration.

Bigger Bolder Baking

Well, discussing an online pastry artists’ list, how could we possibly miss out on the iconic show Bigger Bolder Baking? The girl originally from Ireland Gemma Stafford, leads the weekly YouTube baking show Bigger Bolder Baking, in which she encourages viewers to take on baking tasks with confidence. Try making Gemma’s creations at home because she employs tools that most home bakers already have. Tutorials on how to create handmade churros, no-yeast donuts, and a simple 10-minute Key lime pie are among our favorites.

Nerdy Nummies 

Our list is incomplete without Rosanna Pansino’s YouTube series Nerdy Nummies. The show started in the year 2011 and has received great hype since then. She not only has the most popular food videos on YouTube, but also the most popular baking channel. Her heart is still in baking, despite her recent foray into lifestyle writing. So, if you love baking and food, you should not miss out on this channel. 

Final Words

So, we hope this essay was informative and inspiring to you. These cake decorators are masters of their craft, and the best thing is that they began from the ground up. So, have a look at these artists’ channels if you want to satisfy your food aesthetic.