8 Outdoor Living Spaces That Will Make You Use Your Backyard

For many homeowners, the backyard is a property space rarely used and constantly showing up on the chore list. Your backyard doesn’t have to be a hassle. In fact, your backyard can be your family’s favorite space.

Here are outdoor living space concepts that will transform your backyard into a place where your family can make memories for years to come.

Swimming Pool

Likely the most obvious backyard upgrade, a swimming pool no longer has to be just a rectangular hole in the ground — unless you want it to be (great for lap swimmers). Design your pool with a large baja step where you can lounge and read. You can also design a grotto slide that will keep the kids playing outside all summer long. With technological advancements like in-floor cleaning systems, owning a pool doesn’t have to dramatically increase your backyard chore list, either.


Especially for older individuals and athletes, spa technology can provide a host of health benefits, including positive influence on blood pressure, overall circulation, and quality of sleep. Motorized tops create a room-like feel, which can make the spa a wonderful gathering spot for small groups or for just catching up as a couple each evening.

Athletes may also want to consider swim spas, which provide a challenging swim current in which to train.

Outdoor Dining Room

An outdoor dining room should be designed to fit your family’s entertainment patterns. If it’s usually just the family, create a space that is cozy and easily cleaned. If you often entertain, the design may be more complex, including buffets and a larger seating area (or multiple). And you need not adhere to dining room rules when designing this space; if you want a Tiki bar setting, build it!

Regardless of the space’s size, consider how to get the maximum use out of it, which may include building a ceiling so that it may still be used in more types of weather.

Outdoor Kitchen

If your family grills or smokes food often, an outdoor kitchen may make the activity a more social gathering for the whole family. An outdoor kitchen usually includes a grill, counter space, and a small refrigerator. Depending on your budget, you may want to include a sink, installed smoker, stovetop, and freezer.

Outdoor Living Room

Similar to a home interior design, the outdoor living room is oriented around large, plush lounge furniture, rather than eating areas. Creating an outdoor living room in addition to a dining room can give your family a great place to play games or gather just to chat, while extending your entertainment space when needed.

Fire Pit

If you have teenagers or young adults in the family, a fire pit area should be on the top of your list. The camping-like atmosphere is great for late night chats and s’mores roasting.


With small children, the traditional playground is a decades-old must-have. But playgrounds no longer just have to be a slide and two swings. Some are now themed, featuring a pirate ship or a simulated treehouse. The options are seemingly limitless.

Playgrounds can also be designed for adults; for instance, consider a putting green!


If you’re the type who enjoys working in the yard, why deny yourself? Tending a garden can be a wonderful way to spend time with loved ones. If you have children around, consider creating a fairy garden area. You will find them checking on it at least hourly.

In our backyard designs, depending on size, we typically look to create a combination of three to four space concepts. Some concepts can also be combined — swim-up bar, anyone? It is up to you to decide what should be the featured “room,” but each concept will give your family another reason to head outside!

Image credit: www.presidentialpools.com